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Post Office Evacuated For Vibrating Package ... Uh, Oh!

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  • Post Office Evacuated For Vibrating Package ... Uh, Oh!

    Post Office Evacuated For Vibrating Package ... Uh, Oh!
    Addressee To Be Notified Why X-Rated Stuff Didn't Arrive

    POSTED: 2:54 p.m. EDT July 31, 2003
    UPDATED: 2:55 p.m. EDT July 31, 2003

    LILBURN, Ga -- A post office and surrounding area were evacuated after a mail carrier came across a suspicious, vibrating package. X-rays soon revealed the box to be X-rated.

    U.S. Postal Service spokesman Michael Miles said the package aroused suspicion from a carrier and his supervisor, who took the priority-listed mail into the parking lot and called police.

    The Gwinnett County bomb squad, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Gwinnett County Fire Department evacuated the building and the parking lot Wednesday and shut down a nearby street.

    A high-tech robot was sent in to pick up the package and X-ray it. The X-ray showed wires and objects, Miles said. When it was opened, authorities found adult toys, including a vibrator and massage oil.

    The resident to whom the package was addressed will be notified of what happened, but will not be prosecuted.

    "Since these are all legal items, we won't be doing any follow-up investigation," police spokesman Cpl. Dan Huggins said.
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    What no electric toothbrush ?
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      LOL This article brought back a funny memory for me. Way back when I used to sell items of an adult nature, I had a friend in the states who wanted me to ship her one of our more elaborate models, along with a few other goodies. So I boxed everything up, wrapped it nicely in plain brown paper and addressed it. Then I went to the post office........ "Could you declare what is in the parcel Ma'am?"..I stood there like an idiot saying "Pardon me?". "What's in the parcel Ma'am, we have to make note on the customs sticker". I'm standing there thinking "Oh, crap *not crap but you know*" So, I finally said, "Well, it's uuuummmm, it's a few adult novelty items". She grinned at me and said "OK, do you wish to insure the package?". I said no thanks, paid for the shipping and carried on my way. I was kind of thinking what the hell is the point of plain brown wrapping if the contents are going to be written on the outside of the box anyway. However, at least I didn't ship my items with the batteries inside, that's just silly.
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        I read a similar story where a lady was detained at an airport when the screener detected something with wires and batteries in her carry on bag. Scanners thought it to be a pipe bomb....but it turned out to be her personal travelling companion... Bet she checks her bags from now on!
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          Why would someone ship something with the batteries in it?!?!

          Wonder what would have happened if it made noises


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            CaptStan, I have a buddy of mine who used to work at the Calgary International Airport security office. At the time he was only 18, waiting to join the Navy, and this was mostly just a summer job for him.

            Anyway, he is working the scanners for the pre-boards, and of course the metal detector goes off. This lady of about 45ish had just walked through and set it off. So of course out comes the wand, and she empties out her purse and pockets etc. Well the thing still buzzes off. And it seems to be located in the region of her lower abdomen/crotch.....

            Well after a couple more attempts to "clear" the alarm, Andy finally figures out what this might be. Now picutre this.... a young 18 year old male has to ask this very nice lady if 1) is she 'wearing' any uuummmm weellll... uuuummm sexual devices? and 2) uuaaahhhhh uuummm could she please remove them prior to being cleared to board?

            Andy says that her face went from a normal fleshtone colour to pink to bright red, to pale and back to bright red. Apparently she mumbled something to him, turned and almost ran to the ladies rest room. He tells me that she did return in time to make her flight.
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