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World Police and Fire Games underway in Barcelona.......tribute to the FDNY

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  • World Police and Fire Games underway in Barcelona.......tribute to the FDNY

    Hi im a volunteer at the World Police and Fire Games in Barcelona, Spain. The opening ceremony was held today and it was a complete success. During the ceremony a tribute was held for all those police and firemen who lost their lives since the last games were held two years ago in Indianapolis.

    A video showed moving images of the daily work of police and firemen helping others and especially moving were the images of September 11th. When those images were shown, the whole Olympic Stadium stood clapping as a tribute.

    The flame was carried into the stadium by a FDNY firefighter, who lost a brother on September 11th. He carried the torch and lit the flame in a pedestal. Then a member of the Barcelona fire department hanging out from a helicopter, lighted another torch with the fire from the pedestal. The helicopter carried the firefighter to the basket of an aerial truck, which then lifted up the ladder really high to light the flame of the games.

    Another tribute is the pole where the flag of the games is tied to. The pole is an exact replica of the one that once stood at the World Trade Center Firehouse.

    It is an honor for the city of Barcelona to hold such a games and we are all offering our hospitality.

    When it was the US team turn to make the walk around the stadium, they were holding high the pictures of those members of the teams who were lost that awfull day so in many ways they were here with us today.

    We have also set up a guest book where police and firefighters from the 80 nations represented at the games can sign to pay their respects. This book will be handed out to the US team at the end of the games.

    The theme of the game is "Se la juegan por ti" which means "they risk their lives for you". In Spanish the verb "juegan" means both to risk or to play so it can be interpreted also as "they play for you".

    If you would like to follow the results of the games or simply know whats happening in Barcelona, please visit the site at:


    If you have any questions, or would like any other information let me know. In the meantime, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you for taking such good care of our finest and bravest. They certainly deserve it!!!!!! I will check out the site.


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      wonderful here!

      Hello everybody
      I am an italian firefighter (volunteer liutenent) here in Barcelona (wonderful city!) to see my brothers playing games from all over the world.
      I was at the opening ceremony and deeply appreciate the tribute of organization and of all the people present for our fallen brothers and particularly for NYFD.

      I saw a large partecipation from USA and Canada, hope to see again to next World Police and Fire Games, two years from now.

      A lot of thanks to all volunteers - they made a very big work for us! - and to the city of Barcelona.
      We need, strongly need, to see each other some times, to laugh and also to cry, together.


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