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  • A proud Dad…

    Tones drop while we are visiting some friends. The place that we are visiting is on a hill overlooking the highway that we responded on. My wife tells me that my little guy (3 years old) is standing at the fence watching, as we drive by, he turns to the other little ones standing there and proudly informs them, “that’s my daddy”.

    It felt pretty good when I heard about that....

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    I'll bet it did!!!!

    One of the MANY reasons we do what we do!!!


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      That's so sweet You went all gooey inside when your wife told you, didn't ya??!! hehehe we can tell

      Hope you weren't being dispatched to that horrific accident by COP. Saw a picture yesterday, showed 2 people sitting by the road and about 10 feet away from them you could see the cross where the nuns died Kinda freaky that that one spot keeps killing people.

      It will be interesting to see what they do with that stretch of road, I heard yesterday that there is talk of making changes to the Trans Canada through Calgary. There's also been mention of making it no-turn, especially by COP.

      Kudos to CFD "A" Shift from the six stations and any others that may have been involved.

      ooppssssss I said "D" shift but it was "A" shift on Friday
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      I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

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        Fantastic! And in the immortal words of Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, "ahrg ahrg ahrg ahrg". Kids and firetrucks....ain't it great?
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          When I was an explorer it was allways cool when we would drive by a school and see everyone cling to the fence. Now I volunteer in a rural area, no schools, miss that cool feeling.


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            You can’t imagine the thrill when his mother Harriet (the bride of almost 39 years) handed me the phone and said Captain Smith wants to talk to you. A proud son telling his dad he got the call he has been promoted to Captain for Contra Costa County Fire. Proud? Elated? Emotional? Yep! The Champaign corks are popping. Badge ceremony to follow. I'm trying to fit into my old horse blanket uniform and shinning up the boots, brass and badge.

            It’s kind of like being knighted. We hereby bestow upon you the badge of Captain . . .

            Dan Poynter, a long time friend wrote: Congratulations. Now you can address each other the same way.

            Reply: Although he is a Robert Smith Jr., actually he goes by Rob Smith AKA as firefighter Rob. Now it will be Captain Rob, son of Captain Bob.

            If you want to send congrats to Captain Rob his e-mail address is [email protected]

            "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

            Fire "Captain Bob"



            "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

            More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

            Fire "Captain Bob"



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              Isn't it a great feeling....

              I love when we drive by the station and I hear my 2 year old look out and say "That's Daddy's Fire House". Brings a smile to my face!!

              BTW...my wife thinks it's hysterical that our daughter can tell the difference between a truck and everything else!!! It's hysterical to hear her say..."No mommy, that's a fire truck, not a fire engine!" in that toddler voice and annunciation!!

              Stay Safe!!

              Once again....the above views are my own and not that of my department. (And probably should not be construed as having any real meaning, whatsoever!)



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                As of yesterday, I kinda fell into this category too. I called to my ex, to talk to my sons (Liam, age 3, and Connor, 2). When I last saw them last September (before they moved across the country), Liam was talkng well, but having the ear problems he did, sometimes his vocaulary wasn't very good. He had tubes put in Feb this year and his speech and vocabulary are awesome now.

                After the preliminaries on the phone with him yesterday, his first real question to me was "Daddy do you still drive the fire truck?" It was kinda hard to answer that one right away, there was something stuck in my throat.. and I am not entirely sure it was my tongue. I answered "Yes Liam I still drive the truck." He gave a little hoot and a holler and a laugh, that just about shut me down.

                It's a proud moment to know that he still remembers riding in the truck with me.
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