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.... And The Moose Jumped Over The Car?????

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  • .... And The Moose Jumped Over The Car?????

    Jul 17, 8:24 AM EDT

    Moose Tries to Jump Rental Car

    ANCHORAGE (AP) -- An Italian tourist faced both a language barrier and an incredulous state trooper in explaining how his rental car was damaged this week.

    On Monday, Ippolito Gallovich, 51, was parked on the shoulder of the Parks Highway near the turnoff to Talkeetna watching a moose when the animal decided to jump over his car.

    The ungulate misjudged the distance. Instead of clearing the 2003 Lincoln Town Car, the moose landed on the windshield, breaking it. The animal then scrambled back to the pavement and disappeared into the woods.

    Trooper John Ostoj responded to the report of the damaged car. Gallovich doesn't speak much English. As relayed by trooper clerk Jill Bybee, the roadside conversation went like this:

    Gallovich to Ostoj: "A moose hit us."

    Ostoj to Gallovich: "No. You mean you hit a moose."

    Gallovich: "No. A moose hit us."

    Troopers had trouble keeping serious about the incident. Ostoj's press release relieved the moose of responsibility for the damage.

    "The moose failed to clear the vehicle. ... No citations were issued," Ostoj wrote.

    Copyright 2003 Associated Press.
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    Momma mia! Thatsa one a crazy a moose no?

    He and the cow that jumped over the moon had just a leeeetle too much to drink.
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      When your swimmin in the creek and and eel bites your cheek Thats a Moree
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