As if the health problems caused by smoking weren't enough to make you think twice ..........

Woman dies after catching fire while smoking outside Fredericton hospital

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The Canadian Press (CP)
July 14, 2003 Monday

FREDERICTON (CP) _ New Brunswick's chief coroner is investigating the bizarre death of a woman who apparently caught fire while smoking a cigarette outside a Fredericton hospital.
Zula Brewer, 59, of Zealand, N.B., died July 7 at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital, where the incident occurred in June.

The exact date of the incident was not released.
"We are investigating,'' chief coroner Dianne Kelly said Monday.

Shelley Fletcher, a spokesperson for the hospital, confirmed the incident occurred and involved a patient. But she declined to release any further information, citing patient confidentiality.

An individual familiar with the case said Brewer was being treated in hospital after scalding her hands with boiling water. While smoking outside, her lighter apparently leaked into the pocket of her robe and her clothing was ignited by the cigarette.

The injuries to her hand may have interfered with her ability to remove her burning robe or fight the fire, said the source.

Smoking is not allowed inside the hospital so many patients go outside the main entrance to light up.

(Fredericton Gleaner)