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    This doesn't involve firefighters, but it is still awful. I hope the deputies make a full, quick recovery and the perp gets a really affectionate cellmate.
    Two Hillsborough deputies injured by glass in cheeseburgers
    Associated Press, July 10, 2003 - 10:01 PM

    TAMPA, Fla.
    Two deputies were injured Thursday when they ate cheeseburgers laced with broken glass at a McDonald's during their dinner break, officials said.

    Deputy Stuart O'Shannon, 32, was airlifted to a local hospital. He suffered internal injuries, but they were not considered life threatening, said Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Rod Reder. O'Shannon is a six-year veteran.

    Deputy Daniel Witt, 24, was treated by emergency personnel on the scene and released, then later admitted to a hospital for a more thorough examination, Reder said. Witt has been with the department three years.

    The two deputies were on duty and in uniform when they stopped in a McDonald's for a meal break about 5 p.m., Reder said. Both ordered cheeseburgers and, while eating, discovered broken glass mixed in with the onions, he said.

    Deputies closed the restaurant and detained 17 employees for questioning. Eight employees were released about 9:30 p.m., Reder said.

    No arrests were made Thursday evening.

    Reder said it was not yet clear whether the glass was intentionally put in the burgers. An investigation is continuing, he said.

    A corporate spokesman for McDonald's at its headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., did not return a message left after hours Thursday.

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    Is it just me...or does it seem rather odd that only the cheeseburgers served to the officers were laced with glass?

    Ya think one of the workers had a bug up their "glass" with law enforcement? Nah.
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      With me being out of the area, you guys are killing me...but.... here is what I know.

      Local news reports today have advised that the Hllsborough County Sheriff's Department is now treating this as a criminal investigation. They questioned employees into the evening last night and at last reports three (3) of the food line employees were taken to the Sheriff's Dept. for further questioning. No arrests have been made.

      The deputy that was hospitalized was in good condition and being observed but expected to have no long term problems. The second deputy was released and later seen back on the scene.

      I will keep you updated as more is released.

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