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    Anyone in the NY area have any more on this?

    Pataki Signs New Law Protecting Military Personnel

    Jul 3, 2003 4:50 pm US/Eastern

    (1010 WINS) (NEW YORK) Military personnel in New York gained several benefits, including protection from discrimination in housing and employment, under legislation signed into law Thursday.

    Gov. George Pataki signed the "Patriot Plan" at a Manhattan armory, noting that the bill is the first of its kind to make it illegal to deny someone a job, mortgage or lease because they are in the military and could be called to service.

    "Instead of recognizing their sacrifice and heroism, they were being penalized for having the courage to put on a uniform and defend our freedom," Pataki said.

    The law also provides military families with benefits ranging from permission to break auto leases to free tuition for relatives of soldiers killed or severely wounded in action.

    The bill was created, Pataki said, to "not just give verbal recognition to our heroes ... but to also give tangible support."

    Mark Capetillo, who returned last week from Iraq as a Naval fireman on the USS Bataan, said he appreciated returning home to such benefits.

    "It's going to help a lot of families," said Capetillo, of White Plains, N.Y.

    The plan will help New Yorkers called to duty as National Guard members, reservists or active duty personnel since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Personnel are eligible whether they served in New York or overseas.

    Since the terrorist attacks, more than 14,000 members of New York's National Guard's 17,000 troops have been called to active duty, and more than 3,000 currently are on duty, according to Pataki's office. More than 5,000 members of New York-based reservists are on active duty at home and overseas.

    Florida and some other states have proposed anti-discrimination bills and New Hampshire created a law last year protecting National Guard members from employment discrimination once they are called to active duty, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Several states provide the right to dissolve some leases and some protect soldiers' and sailors' apartments and mortgage applications while called to active duty.
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    Here's what it looks like.....


    Supplemental Military Leave:Expands the supplemental military leave program established after September 11, 2001, to ensure that all state officers and employees called active duty in the war against terror and possible military action in Iraq suffer no loss of salary as a result.

    Educational Military Leave of Absence and Tuition Relief: Requires colleges and universities to provide an educational military leave of absence for students called to active duty, which would require the institution to restore the student to his or her previous educational status upon return from military service without any loss of credits earned, scholarships or grants, or other fees paid prior to commencement of military duty. In addition, all colleges and universities would be required to provide a tuition refund or credit for students forced to suspend their studies because of an educational military leave of absence.

    Protection Against Military Status Discrimination: Expands the protections of the Human Rights Law to military personnel to ensure they are not discriminated against regarding housing, employment, education, public accommodations, and credit applications.

    Termination of Vehicle Leases: Permits military personnel to terminate a car lease if he or she is called to active duty.

    Interest Rate Cap on Installment Loans: Caps rates of interest on installment loans at 6 percent while the individual is engaged in State active duty. This provision provides the same protection for personnel called to active duty by the Governor that federal law provides to personnel called to active duty by the President.

    Health Insurance Benefits: Directs the Insurance Department to protect the rights of military personnel to continue, suspend or convert health insurance benefits during times of active duty.

    Professional Liability Insurance: Permits suspension of professional liability (malpractice) insurance by military personnel while serving on active duty. This provision provides protections for military personnel engaged in State active duty similar to the protections provided to military personnel engaged in federal active duty.

    War on Terrorism Scholarship Program: Provides the children, spouses and dependents of New York military personnel killed during the war on terrorism or possible military action in Iraq, as well as severely disabled combat survivors, with undergraduate awards to cover the cost of attending institutions of the State University or City University of New York, or a commensurate amount to attend a private college or university in New York State.

    Retirement Loan Repayment: Permits the suspension of loan payments for public employees who borrowed against their retirement system savings while such employees are engaged in active duty.

    Veterans Services Agencies: Authorizes county-run Veterans Services Agencies to provide services to active duty Reserve, National Guard and militia troops.

    License Extensions: Provides automatic extensions for emergency medical technician licenses, drivers' licenses, vehicle registration and vehicle inspections while military personnel are engaged in active duty.

    Suspension of Certain Legal Requirements During Active Duty: Provides the Governor with the authority to issue Executive Orders temporarily suspending or modifying specific provisions of any statute, local law, ordinance or orders, rules or regulations, or parts thereof, relating to the obligations of military personnel called to active duty related to the war on terrorism.

    Free High-Speed Internet: Provides free high-speed Internet access at places such as at State university campuses to family members of activated troops for the purpose of communicating with their loved ones.

    Employer Recognition: Creates a "NY-USA Proud" employer of distinction award to recognize companies that show exceptional support for military reservists and Guard members.

    Patriot Discount Program: Establishes a voluntary state-sponsored program for merchants who agree to provide reduced price discounts for merchandise and services for all military personnel. Participating merchants are eligible for the proposed "NY-USA Proud" recognition program.

    Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses: Provides free hunting and fishing licenses for members of the Guard, Reserve and state militia.

    Free "Empire Passport" to State Parks: Provides free admission for Reserve, National Guard and state militia troops and their families to the State parks and beaches.

    Use of Retirees as Temporary Substitutes: Allows local governments to hire back retired workers to temporarily replace employees called to active duty. These workers would not face any loss of pension benefits as a result of this service.
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      WOW, that looks like a pretty sweet deal, WELL DONE!
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        As our Armed Forces are trying to make the shift to more reserve units, it is amazing what they are doing to encourage people to join or stay. This NY article is a great example.

        Up here in Canada, you can get signing bonuses upwards of $30,000 for some military jobs. And many jobs that were in line for food banks only ten years ago have now DOUBLED the wage.

        My little brother is a Marine Engineering Mechanic (Stoker), who also works on the Marine Boarding Party, and made over $70,000 CAD on his last tour in the Gulf!! He's also been around the world three times.

        Not bad for a 25 year old kid with no college diploma.
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          Sounds like a great plan!


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