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7 TX FF punished, captain fired...

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  • 7 TX FF punished, captain fired...

    7 Texas FF punished, Captain fired

    7 firefighters who took trucks to bar punished
    Captain is fired after visit from running club degenerates into flashing

    Copyright 2003 Caller-Times Publishing Company
    Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Texas)
    June 26, 2003, Thursday

    A stop by a runner's group at a downtown fire station that deteriorated into a drinking party with bare breasts and buttocks at a nearby bar led to the firing of a 19-year fire department veteran, the resignation of two others and the suspension of four.

    All of the firefighters were assigned to Station No. 1, which is located downtown near the old county courthouse next to the Harbor Bridge, and have been accused of misconduct for using two city fire trucks to attend a party while on duty.

    The accusations have led to the termination of Capt. Joseph A. Mihoin, a 19-year veteran of the department, the resignation of a second captain and a firefighter - both unidentified by city officials - and the suspension of firefighters Patrick M. McBride, Lionel S. Mendoza, Ernest L. Trevino and Joe Flores for 30 days without pay. None of the firefighters could be reached for comment on Wednesday.

    "We hold our supervisors responsible," City Manager Skip Noe said Wednesday.
    He said the suspension of the four firefighters was the maximum allowed under the firefighters' union contract.

    Carlos Torres, president of the Corpus Christi Firefighters Association, said there isn't much that he can say about the investigation or its outcome. He said he was advised by the international and Texas firefighter unions to refrain from comments because of a possible appeal by Mihoin.

    Mihoin has 10 days to appeal his termination. Torres said it could take several months after that to select an independent arbitrator and to schedule a hearing.

    According to city documents, Mihoin met with a representative from the Corpus Christi Hash House Harriers at about 6 p.m. May 7. The club, whose Web site describes its events as including beer and occasional nudity, wanted to use the station as a stopping point in a race. Members of the club reached Wednesday would not comment.

    The documents accuse Mihoin of allowing firefighters to participate in activities related to the race and of taking a fire truck to Dr. Rockit's Blues Bar in the 700 block of North Chaparral Street after the race.

    The firefighters reportedly hosed down male and female runners and threw ice and flour on them as requested by the runners' representatives. One of the female runners also exposed her buttocks at the station, according to the documents.

    After the runners left the station, Mihoin and several firefighters reportedly went to the bar in a fire truck, and a few women exposed their breasts or buttocks to the firefighters. The crew went inside the club while in uniform, according to records.

    The firefighters stayed in the club, took pictures with people drinking alcohol, and mingled for about 90 minutes before returning the truck to the station, according to officials.

    Records accuse Mihoin of allowing his crew to change their assignments to go to the bar and of not informing his supervisors of what occurred.

    Mendoza and Flores were accused of spending more than an hour in the club and taking part in the activities at the fire station. McBride and Trevino were accused of allowing four women, who reportedly had been drinking, to ride in the back of a fire truck as it was driven around the block. They allowed the women to hug them and took pictures with them on the truck. McBride was accused of allowing one of the women to jump on him and wrap her legs around him while he was standing on the sidewalk outside the club, according to the documents.

    Fire Chief J.J. Adame said the firefighters' actions should not reflect on the entire department.

    "We provide a great service to our citizens and the guys work very hard to provide outstanding service to the community," he said. "I'm proud of them."

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    I agree that this is an incident where the supervisors should be held accountable. How can you trust an officer's judgement at a major job when he is not capable of exercising good judgement in routine matters?

    Decision: "Should I allow two pieces of apparatus and seven FF to travel to a bar and hang around with a drunken rowdy crowd, have pictures taken with topless women and generally create a poor public impression? Or should we stay here and maybe, Oh I don't know< drill?"

    Please, these guys should have known way better than this.


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      Plus, EOne, I don't know why you posted this in the Off-Duty threads. This was an On-Duty incident.


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        Originally posted by GeorgeWendtCFI
        Plus, EOne, I don't know why you posted this in the Off-Duty threads. This was an On-Duty incident.

        well i was actually debating where to put this and i was like well i guess i'll put it here. sorry i wasnt sure.


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