Now...ya gotta worry about disease?

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - Firefighters working a blaze in the Santa Fe
National Forest moved their base camp after three prairie dogs were
found in the area bleeding from the mouths and acting lethargic.
A spokesperson for the New Mexico Health Department said
Wednesday two of the prairie dogs had died and health officials
conducted tests on the animals.
A spokeswoman for the Santa Fe National Forest said the animals
tested negative for any diseases.
The prairie dogs were living in an area near the base camp for
firefighters on the Virgin Fire northwest of Jemez Springs in the
Santa Fe National Forest. Numerous other prairie dogs were in the
area, Velasquez said.
Authorities decided to move the base camp to avoid potential
exposure of the firefighters and other personnel to any disease
that might be contagious to humans.
"We recommended that they move the base camp from the prairie
dog compound," Velasquez said.

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