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Lucky this didnt get worse.

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  • Lucky this didnt get worse.

    Flight forced to return to Logan after engine failure

    BOSTON (AP) - A Northwest Airlines DC-10 that took off from Logan International Airport in Boston last night bound for Amsterdam was forced to return to the airport after one of its engines failed, Massachusetts Port Authority officials said.

    Spokesman Phil Orlandella said Flight 38 took off at 7:02 p.m. with 255 passengers and a crew of 10 on board. As the plane took off from Logan Airport, people in the terminal could see flames coming from the No. 2 engine located on the tail of the plane, Orlandella said.

    Jeff Smith, a Northwest Airlines spokesman, said the plane's crew noticed the problem on takeoff and immediately made the decision to turnaround. "They experienced a significant engine problem to shut down the No. 2," he said.

    Smith said the plane landed safely less than 20 minutes after taking off. None of the passengers or crew were injured.

    An unknown amount of fuel was released from the plane before it returned to Logan Airport, a move Smith said was "standard procedure."

    "The plane would be heavier than they normally like to land," he said. Despite the loss of the engine, Smith said the plane was never in danger. "Any of the aircraft we fly can land or fly with one engine," he said. The cause of the engine malfunction is under investigation.

    Some of the fuel that was being dumped over the Atlantic Ocean drifted onto land. Local authorities received calls about fuel landing in gardens and swimming pools.

    "We have dealt with one gentleman on Mills Avenue who got a little jet fuel in his eye as he looked up to the sky," said Revere Deputy Fire Chief Robert Eydenberg.

    Another Northwest flight was being flown from Detroit last night to pickup the disabled plane's passengers. Smith said those passengers could anticipate arriving in Amsterdam early Wednesday afternoon.

    "The good news is that the folks who were on the plane will get to Amsterdam," Smith said.

    The Boston to Amsterdam flight is one of Northwest's regular routes. The airline flies 530 aircraft worldwide.

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    Your title sounds like something a doctor would say before he writes a script for PCN.
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      there was another instance of this a while ago, my friends parents were on a flight back from atlanta to newark and the were over virginia or west virginia one of the two,when one of the engines started having problems so they turned around and flew all the way back to atlanta.


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