This time, cat saves fireman

(Mission-AP) -- You've heard stories about firefighters rescuing
cats. Here's a story about a cat returning the favor.
It happened earlier this month, in the Kansas City suburb of
Retired fire chief Bob Gilliland was sleeping next to his wife,
when his blood sugar fell to dangerous levels.
He woke up, but was incoherent and too weak to raise an alarm.
He was about to slip into a diabetic coma -- until his tabby cat,
Joy, came to the rescue.
Gilliland's wife, Lura, says Joy usually sleeps in the living
room. But that night, she kept coming into the bedroom and yowling
until Lura Gilliland woke up.
She got her husband some glucose tablets, raising his blood
sugar to a safe level.
In saving her owner, Joy was just returning a favor. The
Gillilands adopted her from a shelter about 18 months ago.

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