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Man Crushed In Trash Truck After Sleeping In Bin

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  • Man Crushed In Trash Truck After Sleeping In Bin

    POSTED: 8:05 a.m. EDT June 17, 2003

    BRISBANE, Australia -- An Australian man sleeping in an industrial waste bin has survived being crushed twice by a garbage truck's compactor.

    A hospital spokesman says the man is being tested for internal injuries.

    Paul Haslam, manager of the Collex Queensland waste collection company, says the 30-year old man had been sleeping in a waste bin in the northern city of Brisbane when the truck picked it up on its early morning rounds.

    Haslam says the driver drove off and compacted the bin's contents twice when he heard a "muffled scream."

    The driver went to a nearby fire station where officers raised a ladder, rescued the man and took him to hospital.

    Haslam says it's not uncommon for garbage collectors to find people in industrial bins.

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    We had this happen in the City a few months ago. The guy made enough noise that the truck crew were able to stop the "crushing" process before he was seriously hurt.

    It still took the city FD a couple of hours before they were able to dismantle enough of the truck to extract the man.
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      Makes you wonder how many people die this way each year? Beyond that all I can say is Ouch!!!


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        I know of three of these incidents. I personally know the guy Malahat27 is refering to, his new nickname is "Bumpacker"


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