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    I live in a small town of roughly 5000 people. Within the last few months, our department has been kept quite busy. No fewer than three large businesses have gone up in flames since February alone. It keeps us tired and busy but happy.

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    Please reword your post before the masses start the attack.


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      It keeps us tired and busy but happy.


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        I'm not going to touch the happy part......but your Municipality may want to explore a better Fire Prevention program .....either that or you have a severe arson problem. Maybe your post should have read.........tired, busy and concerned?
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          If I didn't know better (and maybe I don't) I'd think someone is fishing for controversy. Psycho, please clarify before folks start getting ugly. Believe me sooner or later it will happen.
          "We shouldn't be opening firehouses in Baghdad and closing them in New York City."



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            There is no Punch without Judy...
            Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
            Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.


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              I bet you wont be so happy when your department feels the pinch of losing the tax revenue generated by these lost businesses.
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                With a name like psychospitfire, i'd start to wonder.
                No calls is good, nobody is getting hurt or losing property.


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                  Here we go again

                  Please THINK before you POST!!

                  I have removed the name of the town in the article.

                  *NAME OF TOWN REMOVED* shop gutted
                  Auto parts and repair biz goes up in smoke

                  By PAUL COWAN and DAN PALMER, EDMONTON SUN

                  A business was gutted yesterday after firefighters battled raging flames, thick smoke and explosions at a 30-year-old *NAME REMOVED* automotive parts and repair shop.

                  "I don't know what he's going to do," said Helen Bortnick, the 78-year-old mother of owner Marcel Bortnick. "He loved the business so much."

                  The fire, which destroyed most of the business, is at least the third major blaze to hit the community this year.

                  Bortnick said her son liked dealing with people and had a knack for getting parts that were difficult to find. "He knew where to phone," she said.

                  Around 5 a.m. yesterday, *NAME REMOVED* firefighters rushed to Bumper to Bumper, 4825 50 Ave., in the town 99 km east of Edmonton.

                  "The interior was totally clouded with thick, black, rotten smoke," said fire chief Jerrold Lemko.

                  "There were a lot of explosions as the fuel and oil and cans of spray paint caught. Some of the paint cans were shooting across the roadway."

                  A team of firefighters went into the building to tackle the blaze, but after about five minutes they were pulled back.

                  "One of the big problems was that the building was clad in metal but the interior had a lot of wood," explained Lemko. "You can't get the water through the metal."

                  But firefighters managed to get to another part of the business and drive a grain truck and a smaller truck to safety. Three fire trucks and about 22 firefighters were involved in tackling the blaze.

                  Vehicles from nearby *NAME REMOVED* Mechanical were also driven to safety in case the fire spread. Lemko said the fire was under control by about 7:30 a.m. but damping-down lasted until shortly after 2 p.m.

                  Terry Mandrusiak, 42, was at a nearby motel when he heard the scream of fire engines that morning and went to see what was happening.

                  "It was just smoking," said Mandrusiak, of Edmonton, who was in *NAME REMOVED* to attend a relative's wedding.

                  The next day he went back to the scene. "It looked like a pile of rubble," said Mandrusiak.

                  *NAME REMOVED* Coun. Philip Rowe, who is also deputy mayor, said the town is devastated for the longstanding businessman. "Any loss to the community like this is a tragedy."

                  In April, fire engulfed a business block in *NAME REMOVED*, causing extensive damage to a physiotherapist's office, a craft store, a barber shop and a restaurant.

                  And in February, two part-time *NAME REMOVED* firefighters were trapped by rubble when the roof of a burning gas station in the small community fell on them.

                  The pair escaped the burning building seconds before it collapsed.

                  An investigation into the cause of yesterday's blaze at the automotive store and repair business is expected to be started today.
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                  I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

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                    Happiness for you?

                    Whenever you roll the wheels to a job it usually involves somebody else's misery. I do not think, in a million years, the crews who turned out to the WTC, after the collapse, were wreathed in "Ear to ear grins of happiness"--you are young and no doubt very keen--this post will haunt you for a very long time to come.
                    "If you thought it was hard getting into the job--wait until you have to hang the "fire gear"up and walk away!"
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                      What's the problem?

                      I truly don't understand why psycho's post is so bad. Of course, "no calls is good", but why are we firefighters? Isn't that what we're here for? I love responding to a call. I'm sorry if some of you feel that it's wrong to love jumping into your bunker gear and then racing off to someone's aid. I feel good about doing my job. I feel HAPPY when we've done a good job. I feel HAPPY when we work together and save the other buildings from becoming involved. I feel HAPPY when we save lives. Isn't that what the job is about? If not, then why are we firefighters?

                      Someone said that whenever we roll wheels to a job, it usually involves someone else's misery. Isn't that WHY we're rolling wheels there? To help someone? If we didn't love what we do, we wouldn't be doing it, right?

                      Psycho's post was harmless. She didn't mean to get everybody worked up over it. She was told to think before she posted. Maybe some of you should do the same. Please, before you think that we're a bunch of weirdos that get off on other people's misfortunes, what we are is a department of devoted firefighters who want to be there when somebody needs us. Aren't we all?


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                        No matter what anyone says here, there is not a person on these boards or in a firehouse in this country that does not like going to a fire every now and then. I think its a little unfair to jump on a young person or an old timer that like going to a "good call" every now and again and to say other wise you would be lying. Every Fireman here likes the thrill of crawling down a hall searching for the fire and the feeling we all get when we do a job well done. Lets face facts we would not do this job if we didn't like it just a little........18 years and still love the job.
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                          What's the problem?
                          HEEEEEEERS Judy.
                          Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
                          Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.


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                            Isn't that what the job is about?
                            Your right blaze,our job is to protect lives and property. However there are many ways to accomplish that goal. I am happy that my department has a aggressive fire prevention program,drills intensivly,has a progressive and thourugh inspection program,maintains a excellent hydrent and fire alarm system-that makes me happy.
                            I undersand where Pwas comeing from, but she really should have read it back to her self. Im young too so any fire is "cool" to me too,I like Pwill find someday when it is not so fun anymore. I dont think P is arsonist,just someone who posted before engageing brain-something I can attest to myself.


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                              I hope Psycho didn't intend to sound like a vulture! That is sure how it came across. I prefer to think that I am in the business of helping people during bad times, not waiting around for bad things to happen to people.
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