Call in the dog catcher because someone let loose a bunch of PUPS!! "clears throat Steps on soapbox" OK, I have been a member of these forums since may 1st 2000, I have been an explorer for the past 3 years and have finally moved up to probationary firefighter november of 2002. I have posted many posts, and replied to many as well. Over the past few months the increasing amount of junior garbage that has been posted here is ridiculous. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING?STOP!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! I know its not all of you, I was once quiet also and posted when I had a question or when another explorer needed some advice, but now? Blue lights this sirens that, POV this, Bikes this tractors that. It makes me embarrased to say I was an explorer when I post on these forums because of you. You post on topics that you have not by far the amount of knowledge needed to post a decent reply. Im not gonna point out names here, but there are a few ok..well many..but a few that stick out that are trying to be something they are NOT. They start threads that are aimed at nothing but to cause controversy. When I was an explorer I did not plaster the main firefighter forum with stupid questions, or copy off of another persons thread and try to make my own, when the joke was only funny the first time around. Something needs to be done, what? I dont know. But these forums are going down the drain FAST because of these people. Yes theres alot of intelligent postings but then these PUPS in training go and ruin them by posting "there 2yrs of knowledge" or just being plain ignorant and ask a stupid question in reference to the thread. JUST STOP! PLEASE!!

"Steps down off of soapbox"