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Helping a vet coworker rebuild his house

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  • Helping a vet coworker rebuild his house

    So it's been forever and a day since I posted here life kinda had me busy constantly. But I've got a project underway and I'm trying to reach out to as many people as I can.

    If this isn't allowed I'm sure an admin will slap me but since I didn't see anything against it I'll continue.

    A buddy of mine is an Iraq vet. His house got flooded out. He hired a contractor using the insurance money but the guy turned out to be shady and more or less did nothing except run off with the money-- the guy claims he spent all the money to the tune of $37k and claims the house is 50% done while the insurance inspector says it's only 25% done and won't release anymore until it's at that mark---. So now he's stuck living in what amounts to a group home while his house sits empty. Some of the demo was done but some still remains, and virtually no reconstruction was done.

    Myself and a group from work are coming together to do the work. Myself and another are carpenters and I've got a couple laborers/helpers.

    Essentially what I'm asking for is if anybody knows any material suppliers in the RI area who might be willing to donate materials to the cause. Also looking for an electrician to help sort through the wiring (one socket in the entire house works...) and a plumber (several burst pipes).

    We're doing this for free-- we need that 25% done with no money to use, and then once insurance releases the rest of the money it'll be put to use on materials l, permits, and such. Ideally I wanna do it for as little as possible so that the kid can have some money to move back In and replace what has been lost.

    I've never made one of these requests before so admittedly i might be pitching this wrong. So feel free to steer me in the right direction.


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    First thing you need to do before you hammer a single nail or turn one more screw is to check with the Code Enforcement Office and make sure Mister Shady had permits to do what he did. If he had permits, you need to:
    1. Send Shady a registered letter saying he's fired
    2. See if the permit is transferable back to the homeowner, who can act as the GC
    3. Make sure inspections up to now have been done. If not, make sure that they are, or else you may very well do a ton of work for nothing.
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      Any updates on the progress? Not in a real position to help but hate to see a fellow Joe screwed over.

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