I hope everyone is good. I am reaching out via this forum in the hopes to connect and find support within the greater fire community.

I am reaching out on behalf of retired FDNY firefighter Joe Miccio. Joe served in the FDNY for 23 years in Queens. However, while serving the greater good, Joe also moonlit as an inventor, creating a chess teaching tool called QuickChess. This game breaks down chess into smaller mini-games that take about ten minutes to play and easier to digest. He created this game because he believes in the educational and long-term critical thinking benefits that the game can provide to not just children, but any avid player.

After 25 years of success, Joe has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to crowdfund a digital version of the game. This version would allow people to play players all over the world as well as engage the current and future generations of children who exist in the digital age.

I am hoping that everyone on here takes a look at the Kickstarter, shares it with friends and family and maybe shows a fellow firefighter a little support. Joe has already given his time to protect his fellow man, now he's trying to give them the tools to better themselves.