I hope posts like this is allowed, but we are running a tight race and need all the help that we can get. The voting closes, I believe, when it hits midnight on April 26, 2013. Thanks in advance.

East 52 Volunteer Fire Department, located in Celina, TN, is in the running for $2,500 in the Cumberland Toyota Charity Challenge on Facebook. We need your help! We must be in the top 4 in the amount of votes in order to win. Our funding is very limited - most of our funding comes from the community in the form of fundraisers. In January, the water pump in our engine failed, causing us to have to take out a loan for over $10,000. Receiving this money from Cumberland Toyota would help us pay off this debt. Here is the link. Please vote one time every day. Please share on your page. Thank you.
Here is the Fire Depts Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/East-...06954259336747