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  • Tips for probies.

    Well I can’t say I’ve been in the fire service very long ( 3 Months and almost finished ff1), but I can say one thing I’ve learned ALOT about being the new guy and being a probie. I decided to put this up as a few tips to the other news guys coming in who feel confused and overwhelmed.

    1) The command is not your friend your officers are there to help train you and get you ready. They are hard on you because they want you to be safe on the fire ground. There are times the officers will be buddy buddy with you once you prove yourself. Always maintain the highest amount of respect for your elders and superiors. There’s time for work and then theres time for play.

    2) Bust your *** be prepared to clean trucks, kitchens and whatever else is asked of you to do. Make sure you listen and don’t have to be told to do something twice. Make sure you can work well with your fellow probies. Trust me it’s worth it when someone whose been in the fire service for 50 years tells you good job. Have pride you joined one of the United States most admired professions Vol. or Paid.

    3) Take it slow you’re in no rush, the more time you take to learn the apparatus, your gear, the tools the better you’ll be on the field. Do whatever you have to, sketch the trucks and outline where all the tools are placed (thanks to the guy who told me this one).

    Remember you never stop learning.

    4) Be involved attend drills, spend time with your peers, learn all you can about your station and it’s members. Ask questions about what you don’t understand.

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    5) Train the way you will fight.

    Bravo Blade...

    Welcome to the Service and good luck...

    HAVE PLAN.............WILL TRAVEL


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