Hello everyone,

I am the safety NCO for my platoon and also the fire warden for my building. Anyway, I got into a discussion with my Master Sgt about why I was trying to get rid of our wooden handled safety hooks (used to pull people off of live electrical equipment if being electrocuted) and repolace them with the newer fiberglass handled hooks. Where can I find statistics that shows why fire departments are moving away from wooden handles to fiberglass handles to prove to him that I am not full of S**T as he says because I told im that wooden handles conduct electricity more readily than fiberglass handles. I tried to explain to him that my former fire department, as many departments are doing, was replacing it's wooden pike poles with fiberglass ones because of the danger of electrocution. Any help would be appreciated. I've looked and looked and cannot find what I'm looking for.

Cpl Jenings, Adam L.
MWCS-28 H&S Co, C&E Plt Safety/HAZMAT NCO
MWCS-28 BLDG 3919 Fire Warden