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That Dam Beaver Again

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    Deep Draft Beavers...
    Oh its getting deep in here again...
    HAVE PLAN.............WILL TRAVEL


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      Originally posted by MalahatTwo7 View Post
      Warning issued as team attempts to find beaver

      An aggressive beaver in a Red Deer off-leash park

      Several other reported beaver attacks...

      The central Alberta city has rarely had to deal with problem beavers, despite a large population...

      A team is being called in to locate the beaver

      ...whether it's one or more. Beaver identification is pretty challenging...

      "For us, this definitely was a first. It came as a bit of a surprise for us, and we're taking it really seriously," he said.

      The city first learned of the beaver problem...

      ...had a run-in with a beaver that left the dog bleeding and injured.

      ...she didn't want other dogs to fall prey to the beaver.

      ...that there is a beaver who's been quite aggressive lately...

      Red Deer has a relatively robust beaver population....30 beaver lodges...

      The beaver...likely to be removed from the area...it's possible that traps will be used.

      Beaver Facts

      Measures: About 1.3 metres long, from nose to tail, weighs 16 to 32 kg

      Defences: Under attack, beavers stand their ground and protect themselves. They face the aggressor, rear up on their hind legs, and loudly hiss or growl before lunging forward to deliver extremely damaging bites.

      I think I'm noticing a pattern here......I was once in a pub near FDIC that explains everything....

      Matt G.
      Battalion Chief


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        Young beaver killed,no allowance for deep draft beavers?
        We gotta do something or we're gonna lose our phony baloney jobs.Harumph!Harumph!Harumph!
        Originally posted by hwoods View Post
        We're also having problems with beavers here in Downtown Maryland as well. Residents of an area East of me are complaining about a rise in the Water Level along Flat Creek, which seems to be a result of Beavers building a dam.... Being a good neighbor, I looked into the situation and found some very disturbing things........ First, the Beavers just started construction without getting a Permit. That was compounded by their failure to file an Environmental Impact Statement as required by Law. They also Ignored the Federal laws regarding Construction in a Waterway. Osha looked into their failure to maintain a safe workplace after one was struck by a Car while crossing the road. More concerns were raised by Residents downstream after they learned that no plans or engineering documents could be found on the Jobsite. Then the Army Corps of Engineers found that there was a need to dredge the waterway to allow for passage of Deep Draft Beavers who were involved with the Dam Construction...... It just never ends......


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