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    I'm currently restoring a 1954 GMC engine. I need hose, Ladders and nozzles. I need 500 feet of 2 1/2, 300 feet of 1 1/2, 14 foot wood roof ladder and 24 foot wood extension ladder. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact me at [email protected] or (714)719-7820.

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    Used equipment

    There are many sources that you can use to seek used firefighting equipment:

    1. eBay usually has alot of items for sale from around the country.
    2. City auctions usually contain used firefighting items.
    3. If there is a junkyard/salvage yard in your area, you may check them to see if they have
    old fire appratus in their lots. Those "retired" fire apparatus may still have equipment on
    4. Join a fire buff/fire apparatus preservation organization. They may have members that
    may have items for buy/sell/trade.
    5. Go to flea markets and antique stores. Usually alot of older brass nozzles for sale there.
    Note: Some of those nozzles may have been for building standpipe hoselines and the
    threads may be pipe thread, not fire service national standard/national hydrant thread
    for fire department hose.
    6. Check with any fire apparatus/equipment representatives in your area. They mingle with
    alot of FD's (their sales contacts) and may know the whereabouts of used equipment.
    7. Check with area FD's.

    When seeking used firefighting equipment, mention the fact upfront, that you are looking for used equipment to restore a used fire pumper for historical uses. Some sources may be relunctant to furnish you equipment for firefighting, due to liability issues. If they know upfront that it is for historical, rather than firefighting use, they may be more willing to help you.

    I hope you can get that 54 GMC engine in parade shape soon!


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