A little job in a private dwelling that I caught on my way home from work. I was 4 buildings away from this fire about 5 minutes before the box was transmitted. I normally drive down Bronxwood Ave to go home. By the time the box was transmitted, I was at 233 & Bronx Blvd. Then I got stuck behind some skell driving 7mph down the middle of Carpenter Ave. It wasn't going well for me from the get go.

A very unusual building layout set back behind a 1 story 4 car garage. It was very hard to get an angle on the building to shoot photos.

Date: 12/15/06
Time: 18:52 hours
Box #: 3671
Address: 757 E 219th Street X Bronxwood Ave
Building: 3 Story Frame PD 20x60
Fire Location: 2nd Floor

More Photos Here: http://www.nycfire.net/gallery1/FDNY06-77

Conditions upon my arrival. Two rooms of fire have been knocked down, but heavy fire still vents from one window on the second floor. Other members are preparing to cut the garage doors on side 1.