I put up a warning page on Ebay, this is what the page includes:

Fair warning;This is not actually for sale here, this is just a public fraud heads-up

This is a heads-up for collectors to the fact that this exact fire alarm box being offered by another party on ebayhad originally purchased it from me for about $400 a year ago, and I purchased it on Ebay for $383 in 2015 , it is NOT cast-iron as the seller claims, but is in fact a newer aluminum cast for a VF post.

It was hit by a car and knocked over, it was hit hard enough it cracked the case in a couple of places, but more critically- it distorted the shell out of square and neither door will even come close to closing properly, that was why I put it back on Ebay a year ago to get rid of it.

As can be seen in one of my photos- I used 2 very heavy clamps and more in an attempted to ease it back to square enough the doors would work and they were extremely TIGHT, as soon as the clamps were loosened it went right back to the way it was. I don't think this box is repairable at all, and for someone to take something they know is severely damaged and can't be repaired- for $400 and then try re-selling it again to some sap who doesn't know any better for the ridiculous price of $2,500 plus $135 for shipping, while claiming it can be repaired and is worth double that is pretty outrageous to say the least! I bought an entire, complete VF cast iron post for $5300, this damaged, unrepairable aluminum top isnt worth $500 let alone $2500!

Again, this item is NOT for sale by me, do not purchase from this page or any other, I just don't want to see someone suckered into paying a ridiculous price I know is totally WRONG!