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Kurt Russell in Poseiden

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  • Kurt Russell in Poseiden

    Did anyone see this movie? Did anyone else catch it in the scene where he is trying to save the kid? The mother questions him, and he responds "Its Okay, I used to be a fireman!". (Only, you don't find that out till a little later in the movie.)

    I almost blew soda out of my nose, when I heard that!

    Anyway? What was someone elses take?

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    My reaction was,

    "How the hell? He died in Backdraft!"

    My girlfriend sadly did not catch on....

    It was an interesting line... most firemen who see the movie will catch it I bet...
    Originally posted by ThNozzleMan
    Why? Because we are firemen. We are decent human beings. We would be compelled by the overwhelming impulse to save an innocent child from a tragic, painful death because in the end, we are MEN.

    I A C O J

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      I avoid bad remakes of bad movies....
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        I saw the first remake on NBC last year where it was terrorists that capsized the ship.I think the best part was when one woman had to strip down to squeeze through a narrow passage.It was that bad.At least she was hot.
        The last time I saw the original was a few years ago and realized the Captain was Leslie Nielsen.I kept waiting for somebody to say"Surely you don't mean..."with his rejoinder"Yes I do mean..and don't call me 'Shirley'."


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          Originally posted by CaptainGonzo
          I avoid bad remakes of bad movies....
          Aw come on Cap. I liked the Poseidon Adventure. I have seen worse movies.

          Of course I think most of the folks in Hollyweird during the 1970s had a fear of death. All of those disaster flicks.....Airport, Towering Inferno (gotta love most flicks with Steve McQueen), Earthquake, and all those others.

          Of course it is weird watching Leslie Nielsen in a "serious" role as the Captain.
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