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    Don't know how many out there watch that program. I watched the pilot and have tried to catch most episodes since. For those who don't know, the lead character gets "taken out" by a flying toilet seat, and becomes a Grim Reaper.

    Although the following story is only very loosely related (by content) ... well anyhow...

    Texas Man Turns Toilet Seat Hobby Into Museum

    POSTED: 9:58 am EDT August 11, 2006
    UPDATED: 10:21 am EDT August 11, 2006

    ALAMO HEIGHTS, Texas -- Barney Smith's museum is something you might want to take in -- sitting down.

    The Toilet Seat Museum, which rests on his property in Alamo Heights, Texas, is housed in his tin-roofed garage. The museum is filled with 780 toilet seats and lids.

    Smith has crafted designs on hundreds of the seats. One has a portrait of his dachshund.

    The 85-year-old retired pastor even has a piece of Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein's toilet, which was sent to him by a U.S. Navy commander.

    Smith said his wife wants him to can his toilet hobby. However, Smith said the pastime keeps him out of the singles bars.

    Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press.
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    Yeah I used to watch that show, loved it. Sucks they only had two seasons. Anyway if you only saw the pilot, you will see later on that reggie (the little sister), will be doing something like that, making a whole large tree full of toilet seats lol.

    I dont think they showed that in the first episode.


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