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    I know, it was a matter of time before somebody posted something about BACKDRAFT. But somebody needed to do it!
    Personally, it is mine and my Dad's favorite movie ever. It is ten years old this year but I still watch about twice a month. I'm just curious how many of you feel the same way. Stay safe everybody!
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    I own a copy and have the soundtrack CD. Can't say it is my "favorite" movie since I was not pleased with the technical errors in it.

    I wish they would have made a sequal. There was a good discussion in the Junior/Explorer a while back about BACKDRAFT and some ideas for a sequal. I'd like to see "Ronald" being released and watch "Brian McCaffrey" hot on the trail of a string of arsons that start when Ronald is released. I would suspect the "spark" is gone now from the potential audience so we have seen the end of BACKDRAFT with the original.
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      Backdraft is a pretty good movie. I think it's a really good drama. As MetalMedic said, there were some technical errors (like Kurt Russel going in to the fire w/ out a SCBA), but all that aside I liked it. Once in a while, I'll pop it in the VCR. It gets better everytime!
      Just my views of things.
      Stay Safe!


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        Aside from the technical errors it was at least nic to see somebody dedicate something to the paid/volunteer men and women of the profression.

        IMHO The Towering Inferno is a much better movie.
        Brian Jazudek
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          Firefighting just doesn't happen the way it was portrayed in 'BACKDRAFT' Don't get me wrong it was an entertaining film but not a favorite of mine. There were many technical errors in it but thats what sells in Hollywood...FICTION. I own a Letter-Box Edition of 'BACKDRAFT' and have watched it a few times since it came out some 10 years ago but I can't rate it as a Top 10 Firefighting Film...And if I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst I would have to say 'BACK-DRAFT' is a 6
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            There may be Tecnical errors but who really cares about Tecnical errors have you ever seen a movie that was correct to a tee.
            I haven't.

            I saw Backdraft in the theater when I was like, 11. I've wanted to be a F.F ever since.

            I personally don't know a F.F. who dosen't own it I still think it is great.

            I hear Towering Inferno is awesome too.
            Any feedback on this movie would be appreciated.
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              Well,It Sounds Like I Have You All Beat.I Watch The Movie About Once A Week,No BS,Saturday.Every Time I See The Movie,The More I Like Firefighting!!
              Do not fear to step into the unknown...for where there is risk, there is also reward.


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                Rascal...you scare me


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                  Just a note: Backdraft was the film of it's time for fire fighting(Technical issues aside). I do not think that Hollywood cared if it was 100% real they just wanted the money that came from it,But I also think that they received a lot of grief from the Fire Fighting community. Rumor has it that Arnold Swartzeneger is in the prosses of training with the LA Fire Department for a film that is to begin production next year.
                  I do not know what it will be about except that the movie revolves around the life of a firefighter.(remember this is rumor but if it is true I hope that Hollywood learned from it's mistakes last time)

                  I agree with MetalMedic in that there should have been a sequel to the original.I also think that it would have made a good series on TV.
                  George Phillips FF318
                  Hickory Flat Volunteer Fire Dept.
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                    Originally posted by Ten8_Ten19:
                    <STRONG>Rascal...you scare me </STRONG>
                    Why?Maybe You Scare Me!(Who Is This Guy?)hehe

                    And With Hollywood Being In The Movie "Backdraft" For The Money,I Don't Think So.

                    But I Liked The Idea Of A TV Show And A Backdraft 2!Now You Got My Hopes Up! hehe

                    Do not fear to step into the unknown...for where there is risk, there is also reward.


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                      Originally posted by bke:
                      <STRONG>I know, it was a matter of time before somebody posted something about BACKDRAFT. But somebody needed to do it!
                      Personally, it is mine and my Dad's favorite movie ever. It is ten years old this year but I still watch about twice a month. I'm just curious how many of you feel the same way. Stay safe everybody! </STRONG>
                      Wow I'm getting old that movie is ten years old?? I was also a lttle kid when I saw it wow I feel old now
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                        I'm WIth you guys I think the movie was awesome although I was watching my dad fight a fire a couple of months ago, it was a 5 alarmer. They were doing the overhaul and putting out hot spots and things of tht sort. He went in the building and went upstairs. When he got up there he call to the officer in charge to get the gas company out there because he smelled gas and because I watch backdraft every time I get a chance the scene at the beginning where Brian McAffrey's did is killed by the gas explosion poppd into my mind, but lukily nothing happen.A sequal would have been great though. Backdraft is my all-time favorite movie.


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                        LADIES LOVE ME.
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                          backdraft was a great movie..i have the movie, and soundtrack..I think somewhere i have the made for TV version cause there are a few scenes that arent in the movie...as for backdraft 2 that would be great...i would like to see it, or atleast another firefighter movie...I thought we had a good show when 3rd watch came out, but that set a lot of people up for disapointment...dont get me wrong, its a great show(is it still on?)As for the movie errors, some of them were dead wrong....common now, haz-mat fire..no smoke, no mask..that was a little hard to belive...it was still a great moive
                          stay safe...


                          • #14
                            I just have to say something about the "technical errors" from Backdraft. In Hollywood's eyes, those were not errors at all. Come on, anyone who has ever been in a structural fire knows that, most of the time, you can barely see your hand in front of your face. That wouldn't make a visually interesting movie, would it? A couple hours of thick smoke, orange glow, and voices that sound like they're talking through a pillow. You have to make some allowances for the sake of "drama" and "action". As far as the public being misinformed about the job we do. People who believe everything they see in a movie probably still believe in the Easter Bunny, too. Informing the public about what we do is our job, not Hollywood's. Just my 2 cents worth.


                            By the way, I thought it was a good movie. I watch it a lot.

                            [ 08-16-2001: Message edited by: Schack394 ]
                            See you at the BIG ONE!


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                              It seems like every few months WTBS or TNT runs Backdraft for an encore weekend. This way you could watch it numerous times.
                              Also, how many of you noticed the background music used on Food Networks "Iron Chef" is from the Backdraft soundtrack?
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