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writing a short story

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  • Daniel Byrne
    Chief to himself..... If we had only had a good prevention program and this building had a sprinkler system Shawn would be alive and Ray and Chad would be on their way back to the firehouse...

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  • fire49
    Interesting use of ff terms might

    Seek professional help

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  • fire49
    And than the zombies took off the firefighter gear and attacked

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  • jrfiremanalbert
    started a topic writing a short story

    writing a short story

    sorry about the grammar i dont really like using it but here it is

    Fire At Mercy Hospital

    Initial Dispatch Information: TONE….. Town Fire Dispatch on the air of Midtown Fire…. reports of light haze or smoke coming from the third division windows of Mercy Hospital 123 aid street

    Second alarm/all hands TONE….. Town Fire Dispatch on the air for Uptown Fire… Aid Street command is requesting 2 Engines and a Ladder to the scene, and a Engine and a Rescue for mutual aid… TONE Midtown Fire Aid Street command requests manpower for Search and Rescue Operations

    Third Alarm TONE… Town Fire Dispatch on the air for Downtown Fire Aid street command requests 2 Ladders and a Heavy Rescue to respond to the scene, and an engine and a water tender for mutual aid

    MAYDAY...MAYDAY…MAYDAY… This is Ray Smith of Engine one i have fallen through the third division floor and i am on the second division, i have second division void space debris all around me activate RIT resources needed RIT pack and a sawzall as well as a separate channel to talk on, i can’t see much around me, the hole above me is decent in size the rest of my crew is most likely down here as well

    Chief… Ray i've activated RIT there heading in now ive also notified all crews on the second division to look out for you, how much air do you have left and also look around can you make out any room numbers, do you know what part of the building you are in

    Ray… i got about a third of a tank left and when i fell through the floor i was just getting to the bedrooms of the psychiatric ward……… chief???

    Chief… yea Ray???

    Ray… shawn is dead… impaled on a wooden post…

    Chief… dont worry about Shawn, Ray i need you to stay calm…

    Ray… chief!!! Chads ALIVE!!! he’s fine his radio smashed but hes fine

    Chief… can you get him on the radio Ray???

    Chad… hey chief rays pretty banged up so is britney, rays got a few bad gashses on his head and i cant seem to find his right ear… britney says she cant move her legs and Shawn is alive but hes in most need of medical attention i’d say if he doesnt get any in 5 minutes he will die

    any suggestions for the end would be appreciated greatly

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