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"Chicago Fire" on NBC

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  • ssg978
    I recorded "Chicago Fire." last night and just watched the first twenty minutes. Now I admit I've been out of the active service since 1985, thus I'm not sure if what I saw are new SOP's for most departments or were just Hollywood "make-believe."
    These are the three things I saw:

    1. Working House Fire-White smoke showing from the first floor, with a strong orange glow being seen from the cab of the first arrival apparatus in the first floor interior. Fire had not vented yet. Chief's size-up report to Central is as he exits his vehicle, with no 360 assessment. First crew approaches front door and without any looking, checking, etc., punches in the door with a Halligan, enters without a hose. When the Chief is told that a victim's brother is upstairs & had not exited the building, the aerial is raised and two FF's approach the window. The closest one takes his Halligan and punches in the window without knowing if the fire has been vented. The FF behind him tried to stop him. The window breaks and the first FF says, "See, it must be vented," and enters the room. Suddenly, the FF on the 1st floor says there's no vent and the upper room backdrafts, killing the FF in that room.

    2. At an MVC, they find 2 victims in the car, and no driver. Then, one FF looks at the river and declares the driver was ejected, over the railing of the bridge, into the river, below. Two RFF suit-up and as they're making their way into the river, someone else yells that one of the people looking on is the driver, and another FF runs over and tackles him.

    3. In the firehouse, one of the EMT's passes one of the lead character FF's and passes him a vial of some sort. He moves to a private area and shoots up.

    At that point, I hit the stop button.

    So, I ask you, is this a fairly true representation of the CFD and/or where firefighting in general, has gone since I retired?

    On the off-chance that you may agree with me, please visit http://bit.ly/OXlU05.

    Be safe, and let's make sure everyone comes home!

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  • ssg978
    " Chicago Fire," is being produced by NBC-Universal, under the executive producer (called a "show runner") Dick Wolf, the producer who has put all the "Law & Order" shows on television. It is just another, scripted, dramatic series, similar to many of its predecessors, that will have minimal "B" roll of greater Chicago, apparatus, and some action scenes, but lots of personal interaction between the characters, most of which none of us have ever seen or experienced in a firehouse.

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    Originally posted by EastKyFF

    It's the other stuff that irritates me. Remember "Rescue 77"? Female medics--all of them slim, white, young, pretty, with long hair--chilling in the station in sports bras and shorts. Puh-leeze.
    Slim, young, pretty, long haired female medics wearing sports bras and shorts.


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  • yjbrody
    I love how they took the nose cups out of their masks so people watching can recognize one character from another. I did hear that they brought in someone from the fire service to consult though so maybe that will help. Although, I also heard that it was the same person that consulted on Backdraft, so maybe not. I'll give it a shot though.

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  • FGFD43
    started a topic "Chicago Fire" on NBC

    "Chicago Fire" on NBC

    I saw a commercial for this upcoming show on NBC the other day. Just wondered if anyone has heard any nitty gritty on the show. Maybe some body from Chicago got to see any filming? Anyone?

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