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  • Hardwired earpiece

    I am trying to introduce a hardwired earpiece to be worn while doing structural firefighting.

    As of now the staff of our dept is not willing to take on the risk because the earpiece is not "fire rated" and it sits against the skin albeit under the flash hood.

    To counter we have worn it in the training box and oven tested without degradation. No thermal conduction to the ear. The earpiece is made of tygon which has a flash point of 500 F.

    The gains of the earpiece are there is zero feedback while transmitting next to other radios because the earpiece is hardwired into the remote microphone we all wear while going interior. When you plug the earpiece into the jack the audio is muted and only comes into the ear. The squealing we used to hear is gone.

    Is anybody else using these? Common sense says if its melting under your flash hood your ears are on fire but that is not enough for the dept to go on. Also if its getting warm your in way too deep and need to retreat and cool your environment.

    So any info on what folks are doing would be great. Im sure its gonna be tough to get someone to rate these for firefighting.

    The study below is not what we are using but highlights the benefits of clear audio. The NIST shows temp and sensation.



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    Specifically speaker microphones listed as a major point of failure. If the wires on the remote speaker melt, short, etc, then you lose communications just as you would with a melted speaker microphone.

    Not worth it in my book. I want my people going home at the end of a call.


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      I personally use a D shape ear hanger. Something like this: http://www.wildtalk.com/productdetail.php?ID=1002
      It does take some practice to get it on right, but I think it is worth using. Most of the other volunteers aren't interested.

      I had too much trouble with the small ear tube type things coming out of my ear and also blocking hearing other sounds.
      The way this hangs over the ear doesn't block the ear canal so you can still hear everything else with both ears.


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