Hi everybody,
I am currently doing a consulting study for a company who is considering branching out and developing wrist computers for emergency personnel.

I have done some research already but don't seem to find an answer... -and also I would be really interested in your opinions:

- are there specific watches/wrist computers you guys use when on duty?
- would you like to have one?
- what features would you like it to have?

Some features we were thinking about would include:
colour OLED display (low battery consumption, high contrast, readable in bad conditions)
gps (maybe not so useful in houses, but rather outdoors -forest fires)
communication between units
menu based interface
temperature sensor
digital compass
chronograph functions (time/date/timer/stopwatch etc.)
potentially: ability to control/monitor SCBAs
just to give you an idea what kind of unit we were thinking about...

If you have any ideas/comments/suggestions,... anything that comes to your mind I would love to know!
Also if you think that that is the stupidest product ever or if millions of those exist already, I would love to know that too :-)