We started making our own department training videos. Found they are very helpful since most people don't take the time they should to review the written SOPs.

I know for alot of FFs it's easier to learn a task by watching a video instead of reading about it. For our academy we also found the videos like on ropes and knots are a great addition to the teaching materials.

There are alot of great pre-made DVDs out there but they can never cover something done a particular way at your home dept.

Have any other departments worked much with producing their own videos?

Here are some training vids we're currently using:

They are password protected in a login area on the dept site but you can check some of them out here at the link above. It's nice to have them available on-line as well especially for a volunteer dept, so FFs can review them anytime from home. Not to mention how DVDs tend to get up and walk away when left in the fire house sometimes...