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  • memphis fire station alert system

    hey, does anyone know how the memphis fire get their calls? i know its a vocal alarm but what is that? do they not have tones or even an automated station alert? do they have to listen to the radio all night? any info can help thanks!!

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    You are right, it is called vocal alarm. The way it works is that each station has a radio set on a particular frequency. The alarm office has a large computer screen with each station number on it. When they wanna dispatch a certain station/company they hit the appropriate station number. It opens up the speakers in that house. They have option to open just one stations speakers, multiple ones, or they can hit a master button and it opens all stations speakers. Each station doesnt have to monitor a radio to get the run unless in emergency situations. There is an "x-radio" on each watch desk that monitors A1 Fire1 which is the normal channel for companies communicating with dispatch. The dispatchers have 3 different tones they can use once the vocal speakers are opened up. One tone is just for the unit(ambulance), one tone for 1st responder tone(gets unit and firetruck) and the third tone is a fire tone. You can go to memphisfirescanner.com and listen to our vocal or our operational channels. Help this helps
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      I was told that they are using the Smart Net Trunking Radio System and therefore are using a system call FRAP. Fire Rescue Alert Paging.

      This is part of the trunking frequencies and yes each fire house does have a receiver(s) that when the CAD selects the companies and or apparatus to respond to a call, the fire alarm operator, OK's The assignment and by a key stroke, this will send a alert to those houses and companies that will respond.

      There are also a Mobile type radio on each watch desk that usually and normally kept on the Dispatch channel, A-1-F-1. They can listen to all the talk groups and communicate on them as well.

      Years ago a system similar to this was at each watch desk in the engine houses, that the watchman could if necessary pick up a microphone and communicate back to fire alarm or others fire companies. This was also the acknowledge of calls.

      The watchman would lift the microphone from the holder, very same as what's in the apparatus, except when he lifted it in the house, it broke an electrical contact and sent that signal to the fire alarm office, indicated that, i.e. 17 Engine had received the call.
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        thank you, it is defferent here, over the raido you can identify the station before it is dispatched, when i listen to your dispatch its all one type of tone then they identify the station, it sounds almost like dialing a 4 digit number of a phone and each station has a number. thanks it clears up alot.

        does an engine and medic get dispatched on every call? or just on chest pain,trouble breathing, wrecks, fires, or do they get dispatched on even paitent assist and calls of that nature?

        do your engines have extrication equipment on them? here we have several trucks with a full set of equipment, and then some with just cutters and spreaders, we dont have any heavy rescues, 1 light rescue, and one ladder for a 30 station county

        do your ambulances fight fire? here every firefighter is an EMT or medic also and if your on the squad (medic) your the first in usually, and 2 are dispatched to a fire. first in is first to door, 2nd is rehab

        how does the medic rotation work? i've always wanted to work for memphis and hopefully after medic school ill move to memphis and get a job there, i am also planning on being a registered nurse will that help?

        thanks sorry for all the questions, like i said any info can help out


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          E9 Networks Fire Station Alerting

          Not sure about that particular system -- E9 Networks has a system that operates both over IP networks and/or radio systems and sends Text to Speech or Live Dispatcher Voice as well as Rip-n-Run printouts after issuing customizable tone-outs. It also tracks Unit and Apparatus status and supports CAD.


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