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  • Web Site Creation???

    I have been tasked with starting a new FD web site. Can anyone give me advice on a good web site creation tool. Also how do you go about getting a .gov or .com website needed for a municipal FD?


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      emsf has given you lots of good information there. Just to add, in regards to web design software...there is dreamweaver and frontpage (dreamweaver is better, IMO) to name a couple. It also wouldn't hurt to do a little reading on basic HTML.

      Cheers and good luck!
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        Thanks. For info.
        My chief ask me if I knew basic computer knowledge and I told him I did and he said good, I want a website like Phoenix AZ FD. Ha! Have you seen that website?
        He didn't mention money so I guess I'll try yahoo. I think geocities have a very long website name.


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          My opinion, for whatever it's worth:

          -Keep it professional looking, avoid siren sounds, red backgrounds with white text, or cluttering the pages with too much information.

          -Flash animation is nice, but most viewers look for the 'skip' button.

          -Creating a web site can be fun and exciting. Keeping it updated can turn into a chore.

          -Definately invest in a domain name. .com is most common, but don't forget .org. You can register the names $7 to $10 per year. Some of the registering services also have free or cheap hosting programs. I have a web site hostes for $4 a month with over 50 gig of storage.

          -Promote your site once it is up and running; signs on apparatus, business cards, sign outside the station(s), on public education materials, etc. No sense building a web site if no one knows about it.

          Here is a great reference page for web site design Web sites that suck Yes, that is real name of the web site.
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            Lots of good advice has already been given. I use 1and1.com for hosting and domain name, and it costs less than $30 per year for our department's site. It's worth the money to have your own domain name. Getting to know HTML can be a real bugger...took me awhile to get the layout how I wanted it. 1and1 does have a website builder that should make it easy to get a new site up and running...I did it the hard way and built it from scratch because I'm a control freak. I use a free, open source HTML editor called Nvu (download at http://www.nvu.com) and it works great for me.

            Don't expect to have a fancy website if you're just learning. Keep it simple, clean, and professional looking. People come to a fire department web page for information, so make sure it's easy to find and the layout is logical.

            www.deercreekfire.org webmaster


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              Not to repeat any of the already good information but it is a small price to pay to register a domain name. www.my-fire-department.com looks much more professional then www.geocities.com/my-fire-department/.

              Hosting is pretty cheap and a google search will bring in about a million companies. Most hosting companies now offer cPanel X to manage your account which is very easy to use and learn on your own.

              There are very easy tutorials on HTML, Java, PHP, ASP... and basic site setup at www.webmonkey.com

              I've fallen a little behind on updating, but the site I run is www.trumbullems.com

              I'd be happy to help you out any way I can. You can email me at [email protected]


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