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Solar Panel Firefighting

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  • Solar Panel Firefighting

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a little article for my fire station about the implications of the presence of solar panels (for electricity & and hot water) in residential fires.

    Any articles, recommendations, comments are appreciated.


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    Here is an older thread.. might help.

    I am now a past chief and the views, opinions, and comments are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for any department or in any official capacity. Although, they would be smart to listen to me.

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      I am building a home and have looked into the cost of installing these and as I was researching them, the exact same thought came to mind.

      Not only the energy that is gathered by the units (in the form of electricity and hot water) but the placement on the roof is an issue. Walking on the panels would be almost ice skating and if a water line was broke, the possibility of hot water exposure is there and not to mention the obvious electrical hazard.

      If the majority of the roof is covered in panels, then removing them to start ventilation is there as well.

      I have asked the salesman that I'm dealing with for safety information from the maufacture and will share whatever I get. The other post is a little outdated so maybe there is different materials out there or more specific infor on safety switches, etc.

      Sounds like a good WWYD brain storm session as well

      Be safe, R2


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        Originally posted by robertr2m View Post
        I am building a home and have looked into the cost of installing these and as I was researching them, the exact same thought came to mind.
        Be sure you consult with your design professional before you commit to a contract with the solar panel company. A load analysis should be done (especially if you have prefab trusses) by a Structural Engineer to determine if the roof can take the load of the panels (on top of snow and wind loads.) As a Code Enforcement Official, I require a load analysis prior to issuing a permit.
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          Here is an article from one of my favorite sites. And I'm an Engine guy.



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            solar risks

            Hot water -
            Ten years ago my house was subjected to intense wild fire attack. Involved Two rows of Montarey Pines 100 foot away and 70 foot tall. No problem except very hot water. Pressure relief valve would have vented excess pressure etc. as steam. This warped the plastic guttering causing it to release and fall. Solar Panels add 100 kgs extra weight above 300 kgs the 300 litre tank contains.
            Main risk these days is not the solar hot water service but the crappy plastic swaged piping that is being used in houses instead of copper pipe.

            Solar Voltaic electric. - Like any UPS installation. Disconnection does not remove the risk of electricity. Same rules as any telephone exchange where generators pose a risk.
            These views are my own and not of either my brigade or any other organisation.


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              another link to a good article

              Here is another link to a good article



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                Another great link. Check the archived downloads.


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