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    What tools/accessories/rescue items, does everybody keep in their structure gear? I'm new and wanting to know what best to outfit myself with..thanks for the help.

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    Cigarettes, lighter.
    I am a complacent liability to the fire service


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      Don't forget the search tool. It'll help you find the many posts that have covered this elsewhere.



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        Well I don't smoke so lket's see what I can add to the question that has been asked and answered at least 5 million times here.

        In my coat pockets:
        4 way screwdriver
        Gerber tool
        Safety Glasses
        EMS gloves
        Folding spanner
        4AA Flashlight, I think it is a UK
        I also have a survivor light on my coat

        In my pants pockets:
        Self rescue kit, required by the FD, 25 feet of 8mm kevlar rope, 2 caribiners and a figure 8
        Victim removal strap, it is a 9 foot loop sewn together, it has multiple uses
        Door straps
        note pad and pen

        2 door wedges, old fashioned wood ones I cut myself, I just can;t see spending the money for the plastic ones since I lose these once or twice a year
        UK 4AA flashlight

        Gut Belt
        Vise grip multi-tool
        Spyderco knife

        I know, I know, some will say what the F&^% you need all that for, well, I have used it all and when you are on the fourth floor of an apartment building and need a screwdriver it beats the heck out of having to go all the way back to the rig.

        Some on my FD carry far more...they look like Batman with autility belt or perhaps MacGiver.

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          Originally posted by ChicagoFF
          Cigarettes, lighter.
          LMAO!!!! Smokem' if ya got'em!



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            I keep the search tool in my pocket.


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              Pocket #1: Firefighting Gloves and Shove Knife
              Pocket #2: Two nomex hoods and an extra PASS device
              Pocket #3: 30' of 1" tubular webbing, extra door chocks, pully, pigskin gloves
              Pocket #4: 4-in-1 screw driver, wire cutters, knife, 30' Kevlar 3/8 webbing
              Helmet: Door chocks, shove knife, nails
              Gemtor harness with escape system

              The website has a "pocket tools" link.


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                ok here we go

                left jacket pocket:self opening pocket knife, seatbelt cutter
                right jacket pocket: cigeretts lighter (winstons)
                inside jacket pocket: nomex hood (carbon vented morning pride)

                left pant pocket: folding spanner wrench, 12 way screwdriver, utility knife, led 2AA pocket light, medium size cresent wrench, shove knife, 2 sprinkler wedges
                Right pant pocket: 24 feet webbing with caribiner on each side,1 wood door wedge, 1 set of vise grips

                Also have a garity light on helmet with 1 rubber band and a new polymer door wedge. on my jacket I have a stream light personal light. I also have a gut belt that holds my fire gloves (tempo) and my extrication gloves, a fire vulcan light, and a caribiner with a figure 8 decender and a personal escape bag.

                And in hand going in I have an officers tool with an 8lb maul and my personal radio on a new york strap under my coat with mic fished though to a jacket loop.

                With that all said no I'm not batman or superman we only run a 2 man engine and we don't have a lot of trucks in our still distric so our assiments very and I do go to 80 structure fires a year full still or better.


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                  You agitatin my dots?


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                    Originally posted by quint1officer

                    You agitatin my dots?

                    Don't agitate the dots!!!!!

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                      Originally posted by ChicagoFF
                      Cigarettes, lighter.
                      Indeed...replace the bad smoke with the good smoke is what I always say!

                      (even though I FINALLY quit just about 2 years ago )


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