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  • Streamlight

    Hey guys, I need your opinions. I am in the market for a new flashlight. The two I am looking at are the "Streamlight 4AA Luxeon LED" or the "Streamlight 4AA Pro Polymer LED, w/7 bulbs." I know theres not a lot of difference between the two, I'm just trying to get opinions so i get a good light. I have also read that a lot of you recommend Pelican lights. Should I forget about Streamlight and just get a Pelican? Thanks!

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    Several of my brothers and sisters have both of these lights on the job and their favorite, by far, is the SL Luxeon 4AA Propolymer. You get fairly good penetrating power unlike the multi-bulb pattern, which tends to just bounce of the smoke. I also like the Luxeon if you are using it outside the fire or on an EMS scene because it gives you a better pattern.

    Again, this has nothing to do with candlepower (which doesn't apply to LED's) or watts, this is from personal experience with 30-40 of these lights on the job. A decent alternative to the SL Luxeon is the Pelican Recoil 4AA, but it is slightly more money than the SL and I don't think the beam is quite as good.

    I hope this helps and good luck!



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      Kohler Bright Stars, the best.
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        I sell fire equipment, including flashlights and in my humble opinion the multi-bulb LED flashlight is the absolute WORST choice for a flashlight to use in smoke. They act more like a flood light than a spot light and do not pemetrate at all.

        I sell UK, Streamlight, Bright Star and Coast lights. By far I sell more UK products than Streamlight although I am not sure why. Both are excellent lights. I have also sold the Bright Star right angle light for wearing on coats and have had no negative feedback.

        Personally at both my career and volly FD's I have a Streamlight Survivor on my coats, a UK 4AA light on my helmet and another UK 4AA light in my pocket. My personal preference is a light that I can turn off and on with one hand. Push button or toggle style switch. I do not like the style of light that requires 2 hands such as those that you have to turn the lens to turn them on. Those force you to set down tools or whatever to get your other hand to operate them.

        The new 4AA Steamlight is an excellent flashlight and I have started to sell those more often, particularly the ones that come with the heavier "Inner Tube" style strap for helmet mounting.

        Good luck, because no matter what you buy some one will tell you you were wrong.

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