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    Without getting into a debate of quint versus a true truck....

    We are a smaller volunteer department which has been without an aerial device and always relied upon mutual aid. Over the past year we have successfully expressed the need for and obtained through our AHJ a lightly used 75' quint to add to our fleet to better protect our district. The unit is close to being put in service but through my quest to properly equip the unit I have a question for which I would like to get some real world feedback regarding hand tools amount and selection. Thru this process I have referenced NFPA, Mittendorfs Truck company operations book, and Richard Fritz's tools of the trade. It seems that opinions widely vary so I would appreciate some of your feedback.

    Here is a list of hand tools that we have obtained and mounted to date:
    2 - pick head axes
    2 sets of irons mated (8 lb flathead with 30" probar)
    1 - 36" probar
    2 - 10 lb sledge hammers ( one standard, one Fiskars Isocore)
    1 - 8 lb maul
    1 - 60" Pinch point crowbar
    1 - 24" Crowbar
    1 - K tool Kit
    1 - Duckbill Lock Breaker
    1 - 24" boltcutters

    1 - 4' NY roof hook (officer hook)
    2 - closet hooks
    1 - 6' NY roof hook
    1 - 6' Eckert Hook w/ D handle
    2 - 6' National hook poles (one on ladder fly)
    2 - 8' National hook poles
    1 - 10' NY roof hook
    1 - 12' national hook pole

    We still need to assemble a small bag of hand tools with pipe wrench, vice grips, etc.

    Eventually we would like to upgrade some of the pike poles, does anyone have any suggestions on something we overlooked that is a must have or highly recommend?

    May we ride into the darkness only to return as safe as we started!!

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    Saws? A K1200 with a wood blade, a K1200 with either a metal or masonary blade, a roof vent chain saw with a carbide chain, and a sawzall, preferably both corded and battery.

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