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    I was wondering if anybody has suggestions for forcible entry on a residential door that has a deadbolt and a reg door knob with a lock on it. Obviously you can use a K-tool for the deadbolt portion. What is the rest way to remove the door knob with a lock? Trying to cause minimal damage by doing through the lock methods.



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    what is the situation?

    we have done alot of varying ways.

    1.) spread the door with a ejector fan jack until till clears both (not always do-able for dead bolts)
    2.) spread it and cut the deadbolt with a sawzall
    3.) find another way in (windows, another door, garage door tool)
    4.) a good fe irons team
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      A big pair of pump pliers and turn it right past the lock or pop the knob and lock right off by putting a halligan behind and prying. both of them trash the knob but not the door.


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        by the look of the lock pictured. my guess is it is a simpile knob and key lock. the other side should have a push button style lock or small turn knob.

        if that is the case. it as an easy lock to get into.

        just "Jimmy" the latch. use a pocket knife to pop the locking mechanism. if the gap is to small a shove knife will work too. And my favorite the good old fashion credit card trick. Oddly enough a credit card doesnt work that great. A MVP card from food lion works the best, it has more flex.

        Look at the picture. you will see two bolts. one is bigger with a slope to it. the other one is smaller and half moon shaped. this one is the "locking bolt" (my own term for it). in order to "pop" the lock you have to slide the smaller bolt back. It is spring loaded so you have to hold it once you slide it back. Some times you can pull the door to you and the smaller latch will stay in due to the stricker plate not allowing it to slide out. Then you can easily slide the bigger latch back out of the stricker and open the door will open.

        Hopefully you can understand my written instructions. It is easier to show someone in person.

        The cheaper the door knob the easier it is to "Jimmy". I have even had some that I have opened quicker then you could with a key. It all depends on the quality of the lock

        As with any skill you have to practice at it. when you leave just shut the door and it will lock right back just like you were never there.

        Lastly dont ask me how i got good at this skill. hahaha


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          That is some of the information that I was looking for. Thanks!


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            If you have the deadbolt out of the way you can try one of these:


            I have used it with mixed success and somehow managed to snap one in half .

            If it's just the knob lock, I have given the door a good pop with the top of an axe (used like a battering ram) or done the same thing with a halligan just above or below the knob to pop it open.


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