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Tensile Strengths and 'Exotic' Metals

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  • Tensile Strengths and 'Exotic' Metals

    Received a question from a Driver/Operator in California regarding reinforcement metals appearing more and more in vehicles today. His question was whether I had any idea on the rescue tool force(lbs) required to cut through Boron.

    While I'm still researching what forces will be needed to cut through this stuff, here is some information on the strength of the material itself.


    Mercedes-Benz - E-Class - E 320 - Standard options - 4dr sedan - 1999-2002
    The material of the reinforcement belongs to the category light with a tensile strength lower than 79,771 psi.

    Mercedes-Benz - M-Class - ML 350 - 5dr SUV - 2005-2006
    The material of the reinforcement belongs to the category medium with a tensile strength between 79,771 psi and 195,801 psi.

    Volvo - XC90 - T6 - 5dr SUV - 2002-2004
    The material of the reinforcement is boron steel and belongs to the category heavy with a tensile strength higher than 195,801 psi.

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    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Side Impact Bars

    I am very interested in this topic. We had a Saturn last week that hit a utility pole at driver's door. The impact pushed the door into the passenger compartment aprox 14", distorting the side impact bar in the door. We spread/cut the pin and hinges. Still could not remove door due to distance it traveled into passenger compartment. Attempt made to cut the SIB with older tnt cutter and then recip saw to no avail. Used a ram from A post to door and displaced enough to remove the victim. What rating is needed in a cutter to cut these?


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      I am still waiting for pics from our recent testing session at the Volvo proving grounds (they need to be approved by Volvo corporate) and will forward the info to you once I receive it Ron.

      On another note, we received a number of packages from Volvo just yesterday with sample A and B posts from the XC90 and will be cutting and testing them in our Upland, CA facility. Volvo has asked us to share the results with them first, but once I get their OK, we would be happy to share them on these boards as well if everyone is interested.

      Our focus is not the promotion of our products, but to assist in the much needed training and information about these new vehicles and materials.

      As we found when working with them, with proper placement and techinques, they are certainly not indestructable.

      I promise to post as much info as I can when I get the green light.

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