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    Just got new airbags for our engine/rescue and got tasked w/ doing a class on them. Anyone know of a good site or have an existing presentation they would like to share so I can be lazy and not have to do one from scratch?<br />(Oh yea, is it PC to call them lifting bags now so we don't confuse the 2 meanings of airbags? Just curious.)

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    [quote]Originally posted by The Gattitude:<br /><strong>(Oh yea, is it PC to call them lifting bags now so we don't confuse the 2 meanings of airbags? Just curious.)</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I think the PC thing to do is refer to the device in the cars as a "Supplmental Restraint System" (SRS) and not as an "airbag." After all, it is not filled with air, it is basically empty until deployed, and then it is filled with the by-product from the charge that activated it.

    Of course, this probably goes the same way as to why we "park" on a "driveway" and "drive" on a "parkway." And why do they call it a "hot water heater?" It heats cold water, not hot water...

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      From whom did you purchase the bags? Didn't they offer any training from either the dealer/distributor or manufacturer's level?

      We just got our first set of bags and the dealer couldn't have been more helpful in his offer.

      I would go back to the source and ask for help. Afterall, the are supposed to be the experts. With the amount of money we have to pay for these things it's the least they can do for you.
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        I created two training outlines for a program currently being used by our department for in-service training of our ladder companies. The topic is "Lifting Heavy Loads". We have four Vetter systems in service plus a set used by the Training Division.

        Part 1 of the program is a 2.5-hour drill that allows the participants to review our high pressure airbag system, refresh on the safety aspects of the bags and cribbing, and then to complete four problem-solving scenarios.

        Part 2, is a 3-hour program also on lifting heavy loads. The difference with this second part is that the crews cannot use the bags for the scenarios in this lesson. They work with our hydraulic spreader, power ram, hydraulic jacks, mechanical Hi-Lift jack, and 5' pry bars.

        In one scenario, they have to lift a 4000 lb block of concrete from the ground and move it horizontally onto a small concrete porch 24" high. For this assignment, they can only use pry bars and cribbing!

        If anyone is interested in this info, I can burn the outlines to a CD and send it to you if I'm given a good mailing address. Plano Fire Rescue will allow me to share this material with you at no cost to anyone requesting it.

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