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What brand is best for sawzalls???

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  • What brand is best for sawzalls???

    I am looking to buy a sawzall for department use. What is the best brand??

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    We use the Dewalt with the quick release it is great. The only thing is you have to keep the chuck clean or the blade will slip out.
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      Tiger & Milwalkee both also make a quick release blade clamp.<br />However like ff12 my Dept. uses the DeWalt Saw.

      We opted for the 24V cordless w/ the AC/DC adapter. In our mind, this gives us more versitility out of the tool.

      The cordless function lets us get off the truck and cutting in an extrication in no time flat. Then when the generator is up & running, someone pulls a cord w/ the adapter so it will be ready when/if the battery goes dead.

      This also gives us the option of using this saw on the fireground for various tasks.

      It's a little on the pricey side since it's cordless and there are other brands of cordless saw on the market, but none that I am aware of that can be cordless AND corded.

      Bottom line is to look at what job(s) you intend to use the saw for and under what conditions, then buy what ever your budget will allow that fits your needs.

      Also - a side note. When you start pricing your saw, give Sears Industrial Tool Sales a call. They sell DeWalt, Makita, and other brands of power tools and they offer a 10% off catalog price to Departments and their members. If you can't find them on the web then just e-mail me for contact info.

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        I have tested and used every brand out there that we could get our hands on. We have BOSH 24 volt with the fast change release. This saw is lighter and has single and double stroke. works really well!!!! It's the best value for your money


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          As I have said before.. .DeWalt 24V - Don't leave home without it! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">
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            I wrote a 5-part series on reciprocating saws and extrication. Started with Part One, November 1999. These five articles are available online at the University of Extrication section of this website.<br /> <a href="http://www.firehouse.com/extrication/archives.html" target="_blank">http://www.firehouse.com/extrication/archives.html</A>

            I highly recommend a recip saw that is cordless but also has the capability of becoming a corded unit. You should purchase the DeWalt DWK008 tool. It is a 24-volt cordless saw kit. Buy the AC-DC Converter accessory. With this system, your crew makes a 'fast attack' with the cordless tool, knowing that the saw will offer about 5 minutes of cutting time.

            At a point while this work is underway, the AC-DC Converter can be placed on the saw and supplied with electricity from a generator. The run time is then unlimited.

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              Thanx..........appreciate all the info and your time. It will help when I go to purchase. You guys are awesome.

              God Bless, and stay safe.....


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                Cordless are nice but I prefer a 11 amp Supersawzall by milwakee,this is a real heavy duty tool and I don't need to worry if the battery's charged.T.C. <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">


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