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Grants for Extrication equipment

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  • Grants for Extrication equipment

    Wondering if anyone knows who offers grants for Extrication equipment? I've heard that state DOT may. thanks
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    Good luck! I've been down this road and have been unable to find any grant info on such a project. Best thing I can tell you is to go after donations or fundraisers.

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      I am not sure if this helps, as grants are different up here in Canada, but it might help point you in another direction.

      We are currently getting ready to apply for two different grants, both for extrication equipment.

      1. The British Columbia Lotteries Gaming Commision offers grants for such things up to $35K. You know all those lotteries? Well, apparently some of the money earned goes towards being awarded as grants. Not sure if this is the same all over, but give it a look, your state might have a simular program.

      2. In my province, we have a Joint Emergency Preparedness Program, or JEPP. This is a different type of grant. Jepp will pay for 50% (up to $40K) of equipment and training that is required beyond the normal duties of a fire department, which includes extrication equipment.

      Like I said, things are a little different up north, but I hope the two we have found will help open some doors and create some ideas for you and your department.
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        Originally posted by Lt206Cove:
        <STRONG>Finally, if you remember nothingelse remember this..... HOLMOTRO RULEZZZZZZZ!!! </STRONG>

        Good Greif! I hope this doesn't start yet another "my tools are better than yours" debate....

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          What if, for fire departments in the US at least, extrication equipment was written up and justified as an item in the next round of FEMA grants that your department submits for?

          I saw PPE, training, apparatus, etc, etc all approved in this first round. Why not the rippin' and tearin' stuff too?

          Buzz Words that would look good on an application could include;
          -improving technical rescue capabilities

          -providing urban search & rescue capabilities at the Fire Responder level for the community

          -equipping First Responders with tools and equipment to deal with violent acts of domestic terrorism

          -improving HomeLand defense capabilites at the local level

          There's got to be other unique wording to help the cause of getting new extrication equipment. Any more suggestions?
          Ron Moore, Forum Moderator


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            I agree Ron. You would think that would be an important issue. Last year we ran over 400 extrications vs. 150 working fires. Hmm
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              If you are looking for grant monies for extrication equipment I have some options for you.Recently my department recieved a $20,000 dollar grant from our community foundation. State and Federal grant monies for extrication equipment are hard to find,however depending on your population and median income in your town you may qualify for assistance from United States Department of Agriculture. I know that sounds strange but they do fund fire departments based on the above qualifications. I don't remember their web address but if you type in USDA it should take you to thier web site. Other options are donations from civic groups such as Jaycees and Kwanis. We found in our City that going to our various industries and asking for assistance can also provide equipment. Lastly, there are Private Foundations. All of these will require extensive research, trial and error, and persistance. However they are options that have been very helpful to my department. Since 1998 we have recieved close to $200,000 in grant monies and buisness donations. We have been able to purchase the folowing equipment: trench rescue trailer, trench shoring equipment, thermal imaging cameras, extrication equipment, second set of turnout gear for all personel, various EMS equipment, rope rescue equipment, exothermic torch and various other technical rscue equipment. Again, it is not an easy task and it is very time consuming. The point is don't let people tell you that it is not possible, because it is. If you have any more questions E-mail me [email protected] Goodluck!


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                You can try AAA Insurance. We received money from them to purchase a set. Because the area we cover has two major highways.
                I heard they were a little disturbed to find out later that we already had two sets. It was never asked in the application process from what I hear.

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