A Posting From Forum Moderator Ron Moore

Received this question from a Firehouse magazine reader and wanted to share this with everyone.

"How do we avoid activating airbags that are located in the centerposts of new vehicles???"

My Reply - - -
There are NO airbags mounted on or inside of ANY B-posts. Side impact roof airbags are mounted along the roof rail above the B-pillar. Other side imapct airbags are in doors or seats. There are however, seatbelt pre-tensioner devices either inside or on the B-pillars that need to be avoided.

There are a couple of definite actions we can take to improve our safety at crash scenes related to airbags.
1) Scan for airbags.
2) Take away the electrical power.
3) Remain clear of the 10", 18" 5" inflation zones.
4) Strip the trim on any roof post prior to cutting it.
5) Study the 'archives' section of the University of Extrication.

Even with these actions taken, 'loaded' airbags are still a safety concern to rescuers, medics, and patients.

Ron Moore
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