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FREE stuff but how do you find out about it?

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  • FREE stuff but how do you find out about it?

    A Posting From Ron Moore

    Toyota Motors is in the final stages of printing their newly revised and now actually useful Emergency Response Guide for their hybrid Prius vehicle. Honda is just now releasing their new info pamphlet on the hybrid Insight as well.

    These are FREE booklets, written by the people in the know and written especially for emergency responders.

    What I am being asked by both Toyota and Honda is this... "How do we let the Fire and Rescue service know that these training materials are available?"

    Here are my ideas so far for spreading the word. What do you think would be the best way to let the fire service kinow about these materials?

    website downloading?

    magazine advertisements?

    magazine feature articles?

    direct mailing to fire departments, police, EMS groups, rescue squads?

    a booth at Trade shows like Firehouse Expo?

    get IAFC, NVFC, IAFF, and other fire service groups to publicize this in their association newsletters, mailings, etc?

    National Fire Academy mailing, website publicity, brochures, TRADE organization?

    What would be the best--- and get the word out to the most people?
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Direct mailing would be the best route, however, it won't happen because it's not going to be cost effective. I think a either a spot to download it or an insert in firehouse would work best.


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      I say Advertising in trade magazines like Firehouse and attending some of the larger seminars would be the best route. This will be good publicity for them - I respect manufacturers that at least make an attempt to work with us.

      The departments wanting the materials can contact them - via web site or 800 number and either download or have the materials mailed. (I think they need to make both available because there are still some departments that aren't computerized.)
      Susan Lounsbury
      Winston-Salem Rescue Squad
      Griffith Volunteer FD


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        The IAFF will most likely assist with letting department know by putting a notice on their website or in the newsletter. Whatever is the method lets get these in the hands of fire fighters as soon as possible.
        Not forgotten FDNY Members lost on 9-11
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        Sedona-Verde Valley Firefighters Association.


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          Reader Service Response Cards in Fire/Rescue trade publications. Those that are interested in learning read these... so they will see the advertisement for such materials and take the time to send in a card.

          I think the other methods have the potential to miss some who could use the information.
          Richard Nester
          Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

          "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter


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            I beleive the best methods would be in trade magazines such as Firehouse, FireRescue, Technical Rescue, etc.

            Also, downloadable from specific web sites such as this one....

            Also, back it up with exhibition displays at trade shows...


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              For your information: I've just seen, that there is a downloadable response guide for honda's insight on Holmatro USA-Webpage (registered users area). Could be interessting.
              Jorg Heck
              Airbag&Co, Germany/Austria


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                Hey Ron, I just got a copy of Honda's Emergency Response Guide for the Insight, and guess what? It actually has some usefull information it in. Information about Identification, battery shut down, location of key components, and even outlines a extrication "cut zone" for safety.

                Way better then their last one, I believe "In case of fire, call the fire department" summes up their last attempt.

                Just thought I would let you know, oh ya, it came by mail.
                "No one ever called the Fire Department for doing something smart..."


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                  Downloadable manuals seem to make the most sense - a department could print out as many copies as they felt necessary, they could laminate them, or do whatever helps them to use them. This also can help keep manufacturers happy, as they aren't printing excess copies, and can't run out of them if demand is high. Also makes updates easy.
                  R.A. Ricciuti
                  Mt. Lebanon Fire Department


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                    Since the auto companies and the local dealers seem to be able to find everyone who has ever leaned on one of their products, I would think they could send a note to the area departments to let them know the information is available and how to get it--from the dealer? On line? From the manufacturer (and addresses).


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                      Why didn't you tell us where you found the Honda Insight guide? Share the wealth might be the first step.
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