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    I need help in writing SOP's in extrication for my department. I would like to see another departments SOP'S and write to suit our department. Help please!!!!!

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    Since no one has taken a crack at this... there is a sample SOP starting on page 195 of VEHICLE EXTRICATION: A Training Manual written by J. Steven Kidd and John D. Czajkowski copyright 1991. If you get no other replies, you can at least use that as a start.

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    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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      Hello Rob Roy, I am also looking for existing SOPS. I am interested in response to electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and alternative fuel means of transportation. I will soon have the oppotunity to cut up an EV-2 vehicle. It will be fun to use the saw and play with the poly-carbonate material and aluminum. Rob I am registered to teach a 7 hr fstep class through the CA State Fire Marshals office on Emergency Response to Electric Vehicles. I will let you know when I establish my own SOPS for the above mentioned concerns. Jack


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        A Posting From Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

        When I was an Assistant Chief in the Montour Falls NY Fire Dept, I wrote an SOP for vehicle rescue. I've included it here in hopes that it could serve as a starting point for anyone working on such a document for their department.

        - - - - - - -
        OFFICE of the CHIEF
        Attention: Fire Officers Date:
        Rescue Squad members
        Subject: Vehicle Rescue Incident Management

        Effectively immediately, the following practices and procedures shall be utilized to command, control, and operate at motor vehicle incidents within the protected Fire District.

        per orders of: Fire Chief XXX XXXX
        Effective date: _______________________

        It shall be the intent of this standard operating procedure that all trapped patients shall be extricated in as efficient, safe, and timely manner as practical according to generally accepted standards. It shall be the goal of the fire department to assist in what ever way possible so that trapped occupants can receive definitive surgical intervention at an appropriate medical facility with their 'golden hour' of survival.

        The Montour Falls Fire Department is the lead agency responsible for fulfilling extrication duties for the protected Village and Fire District and can provide vehicle rescue and medical services to any location as requested through State & County mutual aid plans.

        Emergency Medical services are provided within the protected Fire District by members of the Montour Falls Fire Department Rescue Squad, the Schuyler Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and other EMS organizations as requested through the County mutual aid plan.

        Fire department response to motor vehicle accident incidents within the protected Fire District include;
        (Engine 17)
        one pumper with operating crew of 4 firefighters

        (GM-1) one medium-duty medical/rescue unit with operating crew of 3 firefighter/medics

        (Rescue 19) one heavy rescue unit with a crew of four firefighters

        Fire department response to MUTUAL AID motor vehicle accident outside the Fire District include;
        (GM-1) one medium-duty medical/rescue unit with operating crew of 3 firefighter/medics

        (Rescue 19) one heavy rescue unit with a crew of four firefighters

        On mutual aid responses it shall be the responsibility of senior firefighter/medic of GM-1 crew to request confirmation that engine company from requesting department is present on scene

        CREW ASSIGNMENTS: Engine Company
        The engine company personnel and officer are responsible for safe positioning of the apparatus and control of all existing or potential fire and safety hazards present at the emergency scene.

        It shall be a standard policy of the engine company crew to deploy one portable dry chemical fire extinguisher and establish one fire safety handline with a minimum flow capability of 100 gpm ( 1-3/4 inch) for each vehicle involved in the incident.

        The engine company personnel are responsible for initial stabilization of the damaged vehicles by chocking wheels, disabling electrical systems of damaged vehicles ( disconnect or cut negative battery cables) and controlling any other hazards that are present now or may be present throught the duration of the incident.

        CREW ASSIGNMENTS: Rescue Squad
        Members of the Montour Falls Fire Department Rescue Squad shall be responsible for providing initial basic emergency medical care to the accidents victims, and assisting Schuyler Ambulance personnel or any assisting EMS agency as appropriate.

        Squad members shall don full protective clothing including infectious disease protective measures ( latex rubber gloves, goggles, surgical face masks) and shall place their accountability tags on the dashboard of

        The driver of the rescue squad vehicle ( GM-1) is also responsible for safe and appropriate positioning of GM-1 at the accident scene and incuring that accountability tags of crew are accounted for.

        Rescue Squad members when confronted with real or potential multi-casualty incident, shall initiate the Mass Casualty Incident plan and function under the MCI plan as necessary.

        CREW ASSIGNMENTS: Vehicle rescue team
        Fire department vehicle rescue personnel shall assemble in full protective gear at a rescue personnel staging area near Rescue 19. Their responsibilities shall include but not be limited to;

        1) placing firefighter accountability tags in collection area

        2) forming 2-firefighter work teams

        3) contacting command officer to report availability

        4) assisting operator of GM-1 and R-19 to deploy extrication and medical tools and equipment to the staging area.

        5) accomplish all vehicle rescue evolutions necessary to free the trapped patients as assigned

        The driver/operator of the heavy rescue ( Rescue 19 ) is also responsible for;
        1) proper positioning of the vehicle,

        2) designating the rescue tool and equipment staging area,

        3) monitoring department equipment inventory,

        4) deployment of electrical service and floodlights as necessary at the incident,

        5) monitoring the firefighter accountability system for all department personnel present at the incident scene.

        Additional arriving fire department personnel shall;
        1)don full protective gear

        2)turn in their accountability tags to the operator of Rescue 19

        3)stage in standby status

        4)await vehicle rescue assignments

        CREW ASSIGNMENTS: Fire Officers
        The senior fire department officer is responsible for;
        1)safety of all operating emergency service personnel

        2)overall scene assessment,

        3)establishing command,

        4) maintaining communication between operating personnel and agencies present at the scene and the County Fire Control.

        The rescue officer is responsible for;
        1) safety of all emergency service personnel within rescue sector,
        2) fire service-related activities within the extrication sector,
        3) command of all assigned fire department & rescue squad members working under the officer's supervision.

        NOTE epartment operations shall be in conformance with the 12 steps of the Vehicle Rescue Life Cycle. (see Vehicle Rescue & Extrication training manual, Mosby Co publisher )

        Department operations shall consist of primarily 4 basic groupings of evolutions referred to as rescue phases.

        Rescue Phase "1" activities shall consists of;
        establishing command
        scene stabilization
        patient access
        emergency medical care

        Rescue crew personnel shall survey the accident scene and check for hazards and the presence of additional injured persons. Rescue personnel shall be responsible for vehicle stabilization, access, and disentanglement work necessary to free the trapped occupants.

        After initial access has been gained to the injured persons and medical care is underway, Rescue Phase "2", "3", and "4" shall follow. The exact sequence of the performance of the rescue phases shall be at the discretion of the rescue sector officer and the Incident Commander.

        Rescue Phase "2" and Phase "3" activities shall consist of disentanglement including;
        partial or total roof removal and door (doors) and sidewall (side post) removal

        Rescue Phase "4"activities shall consist of;
        dashboard and firewall movement

        These 4 basic strategy phases shall be followed by patient extrication, transportation, and incident termination.

        Any evolutions may be assigned as deemed necessary by the rescue sector officer in cooperation with the emergency medical personnel attending to the injured parties and the Incident Commander.
        Ron Moore, Forum Moderator


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