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Hydraulic Power Units for new Rescue

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  • Hydraulic Power Units for new Rescue

    My department is currently specing out a new Heavy Rescue and the discussion of power unit(s) to operate hydraulic rescue tools has come up. I am looking for input from others as to what they prefer.

    We will have two portable gas units on board from our old rescue, however I am looking at twin electic simo pumps that will run off the trucks PTO generator. I like not having another gasoline powered unit to smoke up the scene and possibly not start. Anyone have any input on a pto operated pump? Any suggestions would be great.

    Daniel Furseth
    Asst. Chief
    Deforest Fire/EMS (WI)
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    Daniel Furseth
    DeForest (WI)
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    If you already have gas powered pumps, it makes sense to go with something different for a third unit. Just a side thought, if you are considering a true "simo" pump, why would you need two of them? Running more than two tools at a time means you have a big operation going. If you have two other gas power units to run extra tools, perhaps your money would be better spent on other rescue equipment.
    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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      First off: What brand do you use now? Are you open to switching hydraulic tool brands?

      AMKUS currently has the Ultimate System. This is a PTO driven pump that can operate up to six tools at a time, and I believe that is up to 300' on a reel.

      Our newest Heavy Rescue Squad has on of these systems on it. I don't want to ever use anything else. We have five 150' reels(Most we could fit on a standard AMKUS reel), each with a tool preconnected. Instead of having a sixth reel, we hooked up the rear 20,000 lb hydraulic winch to the system. We also have a gas "SIMO" pump on the vehicle as a back-up and to use for the rams.

      Running the twin electric pumps off of the generator would also work but you would be limited to only so much hose on a reel and this would require a larger generator.

      Oh Yea! Just because you use more than two tools on an incident does not make it a big operation. Four tools = four people cutting or spreading or using the rams, and yes you can do all of that at once. With two units less time breaking down to change tools.


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        Daniel, I would have to agree with Richard about the simo pump. Two units are quit a lot of money that could be spent in other places. And as he said that is a lot of tools running.
        Now I know that the Rescue Squad at work runs two simo units. I can say that it is nice to have all those tools connected when you need them. I have seen them all used before on an incident. It does come in handy if you are working a two vehicle MVC and need to work on both vehicles at the same time.
        I priced a new Hurst Simo unit about nine months ago it ran about seven and half thousand dollars. All total three tools one Simo unit and a gas unit cost $27,000. Thats a lot of green.
        I would check around and demo all the different power plants and pick the one that fits your departments needs. Also, one that your people can use with ease. I would not comprimise quality for money though. Try to stay with the brand that your tool is simply because that is what it was built to be run by.
        I hope this helps.


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          The Amkus unit is truly awesome. Not only are the tools preconnected, but the pump can run other hydraulic systems as well (generator, winch, Stanley Tools (concrete cutting stuuf), etc.)... Sure it might seem extreme to some, and maybe if your Rescue Team isn't able to adaquately staff your operations to use all these tools you might look elsewhere, but you did indicate you were looking at 4 preconnected tools (or at least that's how I read it).

          Look to the future as well as today. And for any new Resuce, I think the Amkus system is necessary.

          BTW, I don't sell Amkus, just a big fan. Saw it demoed once, and am sold.


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            There are other Systems out there that may be used with your system even though they are not the same "brand" remember that if there are alternatives to look at you may find that you can get something from another manufacturer that is more designed for your need. This also keeps manufacturers honest in there pricing and in thier service.

            One thing I would look for is a power unit that has a large amount of usable fluid, one with its resevoir designed to deliver the most fluid even if your rig is not on level ground. They are out there and a little research will find what you want.

            Like computers, the day of buying all one brand are nearing an end. You can now look and find what best suits your needs and build the best system out there from more than one manufacturer if you want.


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