I have been requested by several people to post our owner's manual on our web site, and I have done so. It is at www.rescue42.com/telecribbing.htm

If you have TC Struts, please print out a copy of this enhanced manual and implement it into your training.

This also opens us up to comment, observation, suggestion and criticism from all the rest of you in the extrication and rescue community. I would appreciate any and all input. We small rescue equipment guys need your input to try to do our jobs better. I include myself in with the distinguished group frequently mentioned here including Mike at ZMAG, Mitch at Rescue Logic, Steve at Alpha Rescue, and Chris at CEPCO. We are all making a version of an NFPA 1670, Chapter 6 strut.

Many thanks!

Tim O'Connell
Rescue 42, Inc.www.rescue42.com/telecribbing.htm

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