Question about not using leather around a hybrid vehicle...

Hi Ron - I was reading your article on HEV extrication and noted something you wrote -not being able to wear leather or wool while working on these vehicles. However, no where did I find why NOT to wear these things.

My reply...
I didn't say anything about leather in my two-part series on hybrids. That information about leather being dangerous is bogus as it pertains to the fire service emergency response. It was originally published in Toyota's first version of their "Emergency Response Guide". That info was drawn from their service technician's training program and has since been proven unnecessary for emergency responders to even be concerned about.

That original Toyota book, which received wide circulation to fire and EMS groups in US and Canada is out of circulation due to the inaccuracies of this item plus much more more that is wrong or incorrect.

Read my Part 2 again. Only do what I list in that article. There is no need to do anything to the Toyota high-voltage battery. Put the Toyota in Park...Shut off the key and remove from ignition...Shut down the 12v battery in the trunk!

A second edition of the Toyota book should be out soon and it will not mention leather.