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Univ of Extrication/ Suv vs; Utility pole

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  • Univ of Extrication/ Suv vs; Utility pole

    While I agree with almost every operation listed in this scenario, in regards to using the guy wire/ cable for vehicle stabilization, I have to strongly disagree
    with this parctice.

    I base my oppinion on the following;

    1. What was the condition of the cable and
    pole prior to the accident?
    2. What is the condition of the cable and
    pole after the accident?
    3. Can you fully visualize the entire cable/
    pole connection, especially the connection
    at the top of the pole?
    4. Is the vehicle actually stabilized by
    the cable or it the vehicle just
    resting firmly on the ground against
    the cable?
    5. Does the pt condition dictate a rapid
    extrication or can we stay and play?

    There are tooooo many conditions, in my opinion that eliminate the use of the guy wire/ cable as part of the vehicle stabilization.

    Stay safe and have fun.

    Hate it when I hit the enter key before I'm done with my post!!

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    Res7Cue, I agree with you somewhat as to using the guy wire. In the scenario, a 3rd guy line failed and cracked the windshield, so therefore in my opinion, there is a possiblity that the 2 remaining could be compromised. However, in regards to patient condition, yes he needs to be extricated somewhat rapidly. Any patient that is unconscious needs immediate trauma system treatment. In my opinion, it was right to consider the rear door, but there isn't many people who could contort, nor haul an unconscious pt, through the vehicle with any sort of in-line spinal traction. From the pictures my first thought was the windshield, the moon roof and then the rest of the roof to the windshield with a sawzall. For me we would have plenty of personnel to start this and still work on stabilization of the vehicle. Probably some wedges on both sides underneath. And also utilizing some utility rope (come alongs) around the suspension and tie them off with 3 stakes driven into the ground.

    The above is my opinion only and doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, and am a member of.


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      Iagree with you about the guy wires, and for initial patient access, to check abc's, I would have leaned through the moon roof, or removed the windshield, either one of these areas would put you in a better position to evaluate the patient, then coming in from behind laying on your belly.


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        I have to agree, but if I could have just gotten into the other side I would also.

        THe above is just my opinion, it doesn't reflect that of any dept/agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.


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          i agree with most of the answers to this scenerio, with the exception of using the guy wires as stabilization. as others have answered you don't know the condition of the guy wires before the accident and what condition are they in now? i would stabilize both sides in the normal fashion in hopes that the wires don't fail during the operation.having the guy wires is a bonus but i would not put much faith in them. i enjoyed the scenerio keep em comming ..thanks


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            I read it like they performed their normal stabilization and used the guy wires a a bonus. I think that's what I'd do as well, don't want to get into cutting or trying to remove anything like that without the power company there. Another thing that deserves more attention is the downed wires. I like the 360 size up, but with a Tac Stick.


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              I agree with those who wouldnt rely in guy wires. One wire snapped - so could another. Better to crib/crutch the vehicle and be sure. And perhaps the guywires are a "bonus", as was mentioned

              Also, I was confused with the initial patient access...I read this as initial patient CONTACT (not rescue effort), which I would use the windshield....you will always have patient contact - whereas if you go though the back, you might have to go another route and break contact. So, thats just a difference in interpretation.

              Looking forward to any other thoughts and opintions.

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