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Emergency Response for Hybrid Cars

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  • Emergency Response for Hybrid Cars

    I am a member of Sterling Volunteer Fire Company in Sterling, VA. I am currently developing a highlevel course on Emergency Response for Hybrid Cars and was very interested in the last article, "Hybrid Cars Challenge Rescue Procedures." Ron - what stage are you in development of a curriculum? I would love to chat with you about the concerns I have outlined in the course I'm developing to ensure I have not overlooked any. Or if anyone else has input I would love to hear from you also! Thanks in advance.

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    Another of many requests for help with a hybrid vehicle training program. Received from a Georgia firefighter/paramedic-


    I am a firefighter/paramedic and was recently inspired by an article on Firehouse.com to
    conduct a class on hybrid vehicles. Unfortunately, I have been unable to gather much information on this important topic. Our local dealerships seem willing to help, but appear clueless. The executive director of a national radio talk show suggested that I contact you. Can you help in any way?"

    My reply-
    I have an article on Hybrids due to be published online at firehouse.com for May 1 release date. It will be an awareness and informational series that will present recommendations for emergency procedures to deal with hybrid fire, hazmat spills and extrications. Both Honda and the Toyota will be covered. This same info will be published in Firehouse magazine as the June University of Extrication article.

    Until then, there really isn't any good, reliable, fire service-oriented info out there.

    Standby! We'll get this stuff out therewithin the next month and a half and it really won't be a big complex thing. With some training and some awareness to be looking out for a hybrid when you arrive at a crash scene, I believe these will be very manageable, controllable incidents.
    Ron Moore
    Fire Training Manager
    Plano (TX) Fire Rescue
    (214) 728-6776


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